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May 21 00:34 2024

TST CABLES, as a cable expert in the rail transportation industry, understands the importance of cables in rail transportation. In order to ensure that rail transportation cables can maintain stable performance under extreme conditions and minimize potential safety risks. Cables that meet a number of standards are able to provide better safety, ensuring the safety of passenger lives and the safety of the rail transit system. When selecting and using rail transit cables, these factors should be fully considered and high quality, high performance cable products should be selected.

1. Conductor

In both the use of copper as a conductor under the premise of materials and processes will significantly affect the final price of the cable: conductor tin, conductor silver plating, no plating will produce a greater price difference; conductor tightening using a more complex stranding process, the process is more complex and difficult, resulting in more surcharges.

TST CABLES rail transit with low smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable more tinned copper or silver-plated copper 5 class structure, stranding process also uses special means, will not occur after peeling off the insulation dispersion of the situation. Its conductivity, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and welding performance is better.

2. Insulation

Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable insulation and sheath molding process is also different, commercially available low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable materials, although also using LDPE, but TST CABLES rail with low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables used in the electronic irradiation cross-linking process, the production line investment costs are higher, the running cost is also much higher than the hot channel cross-linking process. The price is 1-2 times of the ordinary commercial low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant materials.

3. Extrusion process

In the extrusion process, TST CABLES adopts the original online inspection means, which can detect the eccentricity, smoothness and denseness online, and can prevent the delivery of products with undetectable defects, such as eccentricity, surface roughness, burning, impurities and pinholes, etc., to the clients.

4. Performance

Many performance indexes of TST CABLES low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables are better than the minimum limits stipulated by European and national standards.

5. Testing

Commercial low smoke and halogen free flame retardant cables are not perfect in testing, while TST CABLES has more than 30 experiments on low smoke and halogen free flame retardant cables in the field of rail transportation, each of which complies with the iron standard TB1484.1 or the European standard EN series.

6. Certificate

Commercial low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cables without railroad certification; TST CABLES has all the qualifications to meet the requirements of the railroad, CRCC (Railway Product Certification), TS22163 (International Railway Quality Management System), ISO9001 (quality system), CE product certification, ECER118 fire protection, the railroad industry needs EN45545-2 (the latest European standard fire certification) The railroad industry needs EN45545-2 (the latest European standard fire certification), the Railway General Administration of the ban on the use of restricted materials No. 50, environmental protection certification.

7. Source factories A source of low procurement costs

TST CABLES is a first-hand manufacturer of cables for core equipment in the fields of rail transportation, oil and gas, shipping, nuclear power, wind power, aviation, and the production of quality control in line with the standards of various countries, low procurement prices, and after-sales service is more guaranteed.

Due to the many rail transit cable accidents in the past few years, the rail transit field has put forward new industry standards for the application of cables, requiring the host factory and system, component suppliers to provide cable products must comply with CRCC certification and meet the requirements of low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant for rail transit.

TST CABLES has been focusing on cable application and solution in rail transportation field for 11 years, and its products cover EN50264 cable series, EN50306 cable series, EN50382 cable series, data cables, sensor cables, crossover cables, high-temperature-resistant cables, PEEK cables, etc., which have been certified by CRCC. At present, more than 500000 cables have been loaded on more than 3500 high-speed rail coaches, and the mileage of operation is more than 6,000,000 kilometers. In the future, TST CABLES will continue to plough into the fields of railway cables, oil and gas, shipbuilding, nuclear power, wind power, aviation, and contribute to the development of the cable industry with more high-quality products.

High Temperature Cables Manufacturer TST CABLES

TST CABLES High Temperature Cables, stable transmission, in control! TST CABLES High Temperature Cables are made of high standard military materials, with excellent moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-damage, anti-radiation, low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant characteristics, to ensure stable and error-free signal transmission. The multi-core design meets the needs of complex circuits, making your industrial automation, energy transportation, aviation, nuclear power, wind power, ships and other projects more reliable and efficient. Strictly enforcing several national standards and passing multiple quality tests, it guarantees the stable operation of your project.

TST CABLES–Specializing in high temperature resistant cable applications and solutions

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