Aspiring to be the G.O.A.T, the Evolution of Sensor Platform Korea Digital Co., Ltd.

September 27 02:27 2023

KOREA DIGITAL, a prominent player in the sensor technology arena, is making waves in the evolution of sensor platforms with its pioneering approach to integrating humanity, industry, and nature. This transformation positions them as a leading force in the emerging field of K-TECH.

Incorporating principles such as heat absorption and reflection, the laws of inertia, momentum, and energy, K-TECH has introduced a novel sensor platform concept into parts of primary and secondary education curricula.

At the forefront of this movement is STEM K-12 (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics for Kindergarten through 12th Grade), a state-of-the-art scientific equipment combined with innovative experimental education content. STEM K-12 is a computer-based system that supports scientific experimentation activities. For over 30 years, countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, and others within the OECD have been enhancing the efficiency of scientific experiments using a diverse array of sensors, interfaces, programs, computer equipment, and educational content provided by STEM K-12.

In Korea, the application and dissemination of this system started in earnest with the introduction of the government’s science education revitalization policy in 2003. Established in 1997, KOREA DIGITAL anticipated expanding the STEM K-12 system. It secured more than 200 custom wireless sensors, STEM K-12 sensors, USB sensors, and intelligent educational program content, which are at the core of this technology.

Their flagship brand, ‘SCIENCECUBE,’ and the acclaimed ‘SENSECUBE’ have positioned themselves as optimal solutions in the industrial sensing and measurement sector. SENSECUBE began with sensors that measure indoor carbon dioxide (CO2) gas concentration and has since gained recognition in air quality management, chemical equipment control, atmospheric weather monitoring, and environmental monitoring. Both brands have already elevated their market recognition and market share in the education and related sensor industry sectors, both domestically and internationally, thanks to their outstanding technological prowess and competitive product offerings.

Now, building on the technological capabilities and brand power in these two sectors, KOREA DIGITAL is venturing into a new domain – Smart Farming. Their ‘FARMSCUBE’ platform embodies openness in business platforms, interoperability with other platforms, information integration, and expansion features. Smart farming refers to creating intelligent farms where crop cultivation facilities can be remotely managed via mobile devices using ICT technology. FARMSCUBE, with its precision sensors and advanced wireless technology, is an essential component of the smart farming ICT infrastructure. Equipped with an open structure, IoT remote control system, automatic configuration system, real-time alert system, and automatic adjustment system, FARMSCUBE serves as an outstanding integrated environmental control system for smart farming.

In summary, the convergence of STEM K-12-based innovative education (‘SCIENCECUBE’), industrial solutions (‘SENSECUBE’), and the complex environmental control system for smart farming (‘FARMSCUBE’) embodies the essence of the One-Source, Multi-Use (OSMU) value and introduces a new concept in business models. The evolution towards a platform business that connects and integrates humanity, industry, and nature is a development that deserves recognition.

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