MEA Cloud Computing Market Analysis And Trends By Segmentations, Top Key Players, Geographical Expansion, Future Development & Forecast -2028

September 26 21:17 2023
MEA Cloud Computing Market Analysis And Trends By Segmentations, Top Key Players, Geographical Expansion, Future Development & Forecast -2028
Microsoft (US), AWS (US), IBM (US), Google (US), Alibaba Cloud (China), Oracle (US), SAP (Germany), Salesforce (US), Etisalat (UAE), eHosting DataFort (UAE), Injazat Data Systems (UAE), STC Cloud (Saudi Arabia), Insomea Computer Solutions (Tunisia), CloudBox Tech (SA), Ooredoo (Qatar), Gulf business Machines (UAE), Intertec Systems (UAE).
MEA Cloud Computing Market by Offering (Service Model (laaS, PaaS, and SaaS)), Deployment Mode (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud), Vertical (BFSI, Energy and Utilities, and Manufacturing) and Region – Global Forecast to 2028

The MEA Cloud Computing Market size is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.6 % during the forecast period, to reach USD  49.5 billion by 2028 from USD  21.1 billion in 2023. Businesses across MEA were increasingly adopting cloud computing to fuel their digital transformation efforts.

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By service model ,SaaS segment to hold the largest market size during the forecast period

Software as a Service (SaaS) in cloud computing refers to a delivery model where software applications are hosted and provided over the internet by third-party cloud service providers. Users access these applications through web browsers, eliminating the need for local installations and maintenance. SaaS offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, as users can subscribe to services on a pay-as-you-go basis, receive regular updates, and benefit from centralized data storage and security measures, making it a popular choice for businesses seeking to streamline IT operations and enhance accessibility while minimizing infrastructure investments.

By PaaS ,data management  segment to hold the largest market size during the forecast period

Data management in Platform as a Service (PaaS) within cloud computing refers to the comprehensive suite of tools, services, and infrastructure provided by cloud providers to efficiently store, process, and analyze data. PaaS offerings enable businesses to leverage scalable databases, data warehouses, and analytics platforms without the burden of managing underlying hardware and software infrastructure. This allows organizations to focus on developing and deploying applications, ensuring data security, and harnessing data-driven insights, ultimately streamlining their operations and enhancing decision-making capabilities in a cost-effective and agile manner.

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Unique Features in the MEA Cloud Computing Market:

Hybrid cloud solutions, which combine public and private cloud infrastructures, have received a lot of support from MEA. This enables companies to strike a balance between data security and compliance with economical scalability and creativity.


In the MEA region, data privacy and sovereignty are crucial. In order to ensure that sensitive data stays within regional boundaries, the MEA Cloud Computing Market solves these issues by providing Local Data Centres and data storage solutions.


Given the shifting threat landscape, cybersecurity is a critical issue. The MEA region’s cloud service providers place a strong emphasis on advanced security features including encryption, access controls, and threat detection to safeguard data and infrastructure.


Governments in the MEA aggressively encourage the use of the cloud through programmes like Cloud First Policies. These regulations support digital transformation by encouraging public sector organisations to give cloud solutions top priority.


The MEA Cloud Computing Market creates solutions specifically for niche markets like Oil and Gas, Healthcare, and Finance, taking into account their unique needs and regulatory constraints.


The MEA region benefits from edge computing because of its large and distant locations because it puts data processing closer to the source. For sectors like agriculture and mining, this is extremely helpful.


Major Highlights of the MEA Cloud Computing Market:


Notably, the requirement for agility and scalability is driving the fast adoption of cloud solutions across numerous industries. Governments in the MEA area aggressively encourage the use of the cloud through programmes like Smart City Projects, which helps to modernise public services and infrastructure.


The prevalence of hybrid cloud solutions, which enable businesses to mix on-premises infrastructure with public and private cloud services for flexibility, data sovereignty, and cost efficiency, is a prominent characteristic. In order to ensure that data stays inside regional borders, Local Data Centres and strict data protection laws have been established. Data privacy and sovereignty are of utmost importance.


The MEA Cloud Computing Market places a heavy emphasis on security measures like encryption, access controls, and threat detection to protect sensitive data, with security being a key focus. Additionally, the market offers Tailored Solutions for sectors like healthcare, banking, and oil and gas, which meet particular needs and compliance standards, to appeal to particular industries.


Local cloud ecosystems expand as a result of cooperation with neighbourhood firms and governments, which promotes technology transfer and regional economic development. Youthful demographics in the area spur innovation and digitalization, making MEA a centre for talent, entrepreneurship, and the creation of fresh cloud-based products.


Strong IoT Integration capabilities inside cloud services assist MEA’s expanding adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It is noteworthy that cloud-based financial services adhere to Islamic finance principles, guaranteeing they are compliant with Shariah law.


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Top Key Companies in the MEA Cloud Computing Market:


The major players have fulfilled various growth strategies to expand their regional presence and increase their market shares in MEA. Key players such as Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Google and Alibaba Cloud have majorly adopted several growth strategies, such as new product launches, acquisitions, and partnerships, to increase their product portfolios and grow further in the MEA Cloud Computing Market.

Microsoft’s presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) is characterized by a multifaceted approach aimed at transforming businesses and communities through technology. The company offers a wide range of products and services tailored to the unique needs and challenges of the MEA region. Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure, plays a pivotal role in supporting the region’s digital transformation journey. It provides scalable, secure, and flexible cloud infrastructure and services to organizations, enabling them to leverage the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. This is particularly valuable for MEA’s burgeoning tech startups, enterprises, and government entities seeking to modernize their operations and services.

Google’s presence in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) is characterized by a multifaceted approach encompassing various sectors. As a leading technology company, Google offers its core services, such as Search and YouTube, to help users access information and content. Additionally, Google Cloud plays a significant role in fostering digital transformation across businesses and organizations in the region by offering cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and AI solutions. Google has invested in infrastructure projects like the Equiano subsea cable, connecting Africa to Europe, which enhances internet connectivity and contributes to the region’s economic growth. Google has also engaged in partnerships with local governments and organizations to promote innovation, support startups, and address regional challenges through technology.Google Cloud has emerged as a viable first-tier cloud vendor with strong offerings in all three cloud types: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Its cloud services emphasize portability and security, and Google has realigned its efforts around enterprises and industry verticals. Google chose to adopt partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions.

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