Welcome to Paris, Florida – How Angel Katherine Taormina Used Her Hometown to Make an International Film

September 21 18:30 2023

From 2018-2020, Angel Katherine Taormina shot an experimental feature film called “The Saints of the Rue Scribe”. The film took place in 1881 Paris, Sweden, and other European country and city towns. Yet, as movie magic would have it, all of the film’s scenes were shot within a 20-mile radius of the filmmaker’s own house.

Exactly three years ago to the date of September 11th, 2020, “The Saints of the Rue Scribe” was released into film festivals both nationally and internationally where it went on to win 29 awards over an almost three-year period. To celebrate this anniversary, Angel revealed the secrets of creating a historical drama in her own backyard.

Certain interiors were filmed on sets built inside Angel’s living room in her house. Some of the garden scenes were filmed in Angel’s physical backyard. Another elaborate chase sequence was filmed in an area of her own hometown about a mile from her house. An elaborate performance scene was even staged and filmed inside of Angel’s dining room. 

Loving the landscape and knowing intimate details of her hometown and its surroundings, Angel was able to make use of everything around her to create a Paris of the past. The resourceful filmmaker found a bed and breakfast venue in downtown Orlando, Florida that was fully furnished in a Parisian Victorian style. The majority of the interiors were filmed in this actual House, known as the Dr. Phillips House. A number of the big stage sequences were filmed at Universal Studios Stage 24 in Orlando, Florida. And a local favorite restaurant, Maggiano’s Little Italy, doubled for a famous Parisian café.

When Angel was first starting out, she only ever had use of the world around her. So, when it came time to create another world, Angel was able to draw inspiration from everything that was already a part of her own world. Summertime in Paris of 1881 does not exist. But beautiful, green trees, open spaces, and eclectic, seemingly time-encapsuled local spaces did. For the woman who sang live in every performance scene and shot almost every dialogue scene in one take, the movie magic can be found in what is going on behind the actors. As people continue to see the film, Angel hopes that these little, yet significant, hometown touches will make audiences feel both grand and intimate at once.

Little details like this are what make the seemingly vast film become a highly personable film. Angel’s “let’s make a play” “Judy Garland-esque” mentality is proof that, no matter where something ends up, it always starts with heart. With passion, vision, and a love for one’s very own home, one can make their dreams a reality. That is what Angel Katherine Taormina did and, on this third anniversary of the film festival release of “The Saints of the Rue Scribe”, she is telling everyone how the beauty of Orlando, Florida made 1881 Paris a reality for all.

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