Post Pirate Age Novel Gains Headway

September 21 18:24 2023
Post Pirate Age Novel Gains Headway
Literary Titan bestows debut novel Till I Bleed No More with its silver book award after embarking on a thrilling voyage with its protagonist Casper Nait. Aimed at older audiences and ages 15+, this marks another win for Ellis’s sound debut.

Modern pirate stories seem to be few and far nowadays, and in the general public only a few seem to be recalled. However Till I Bleed No More may prove to be the refreshing take that can change this, and with its morally complex protagonist and themes, this exhilarating tale just may do that. With the inclusion of female pirates and a diverse range of characters, this author’s tale is appealing to all manners of reader’s. Being a pirate novel there are mentions of slavery, and being a pirate novel it is also very violent.

Casper’s story is one that many of us can relate too, it is of struggle, the struggle to belong, and to be free. It is also a mirror into what we do with the suffering that we endure, and the feelings that come with it. Will we stay the course? will we give in or give up? or see how far our heart will take us? it is a vexing thing for sure.

However opposing Casper lies an equally compelling force, a pirate hunter who has clawed their way through sacrifice and hurt to get to where they are in the beginning of this tale. Commodore Weiss provides Casper with an interesting opposition that could be understood in normal circumstances; but for Casper, this cannot stand.

Revenge and survival roar inside Casper’s mind, whereas peace and level-headedness reign in the Commodore’s, along with a determination to rival Casper’s own.

Age and youth clash in this story, along with the age long battle between choice and control.

Alexander Ellis brings a refreshing vision for the pirate world, and upon his debut, stirs a thought provoking tale never seen before in the pirate sphere. It boasts strong ties to a Western audience, and avoids looking at the colonial or pirate view as black and white, or good versus evil.

The title itself suggests passion and perseverance, and hints at a defiant struggle one could only imagine from the outside looking in. 

Published on May 4th of 2023, this standalone novel paints a colorful picture of the days of colonialism and the post piracy period.

Hi there! Alexander Ellis is a debut author from Canberra Australia, he has grown up there since he was nine, but originally he was born in Victoria. Consisting of Australian and English origins, Alexander’s interest in pirates began at a young age. He wrote many short stories as a kid, and this helped lead him towards eventually writing and publishing his first novel. His inspiration for Till I Bleed No More came from a Halloween costume, and over time this evolved and morphed into the tale it is today.

Published on May 4th of 2023, this standalone novel paints a colourful picture of the days of colonialism and the post piracy period.

Till I Bleed No More is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, along with Smashwords and Kobo as an ebook.

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