Why Baby Pull Up Pants Have Become So Popular?

August 31 16:15 2023

According to diaper industry experts, interest in diaper pants is growing in recent years. Diaper Testing International also points out an increase in sales for pants versus traditional tab diapers.

Although only being a small part of the total diaper market sales, disposable baby pull up pants are accepted by more and more consumers and it shall occupy nearly 70% of the total value in the coming five years, according to Euromonitor.  

Despite the higher price, pants style baby diapers are still attracting more consumers, because more and more parents have chosen earlier potty training (underwear-like design) and seek for better solutions to prevent bed wetting (full surrounded body shape fitting design).

Recently our company has responded to this trend, launched hypoallergenic bamboo baby pull up pants, not only better for baby but also the environment. It is free from lotions, natural-rubber latex, fragrance and elemental chlorine bleaching, and use only non-toxic, water-based inks. Aimisin bamboo diaper’s super absorbent core is made with plant-based materials, FSC certificated wood pulp plus super absorbent polymer. 100% natural biodegradable bamboo fiber for hypoallergenic surface and breathable back sheet, much less risk for skin and eco-friendly. 360 degree all around waistband fits for baby’s body shape perfectly like an underwear. High leak guards based on double layers of hydrophobic non-woven fabric to prevent side leakage effectively.

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