The Southern Awakening: United Kingdom Welcomes Release of a Definitive Guide to Anti-Racism

August 31 19:10 2023
Written by Barnard Sims (‘Barnard the Barber’) ‘The Southern Awakening: A Black Man’s Guide to Liberating the Rural South’ offers insight into rural liberation, bridging racial understanding and dispelling stereo-types. Appealing to audiences of all colours, ages and geographical locations, ‘The Southern Awakening’ is essential reading for anyone with an interest in real social change.

Award-winning author and passionate civil rights activist, Barnard Sims, also known as ‘Barnard the Barber’ has brought his award-winning anti-racism work across the pond to the United Kingdom. ‘The Southern Awakening: A Black Man’s Guide to Liberating the Rural South’, published by Archway Publishing (from Simon and Schuster), is a profound contribution to the conversation around racism, focusing on anti-racist communities across the South and beyond.

Rooted in decades of experience as his town’s barber and absorbing wisdom from everyone around him, Sims artfully presents his views on social justice whilst maintaining his signature humour and critical thinking. Drawing inspiration from incidents like the murder of Ahmaud Arbery in Sims’ home state of Georgia, “The Southern Awakening” serves as a reflection on the past, an understanding the present, and envisions a future free from racism.

Synopsis: Barbers and beauticians are expertly positioned to have a hand on the pulse of their communities—and Barnard the Barber is no exception.

Learning from his village as the barber, the author shares those lessons learned on how we can liberate the rural South by building antiracist communities everywhere. This book provides actionable steps that each of us can take, in righteous indignation, to sign our own Emancipation Proclamations!

These solutions are formatted into eight postulates in homage to the eight principles of Charlamagne Tha God’s book: Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It.

In this book you will learn how to:

• create a blueprint for your own life’s divine path;

• leverage and utilize the infrastructure of our established hair care networks;

• become the bridge of wisdom between our ancestors and our youth today.

The author emphasizes that all white people are not evil; it’s just that those who are wicked in America have taken immorality to an unfettered and unmatched extreme. Similarly, not all Republicans are racists, but today’s Republican Party is a perfect place for racists to hide their ideologies.

The Southern Awakening will guide you to discovering the true redemption of self-liberation!

“This book targets a universal audience, transcending racial and geographical boundaries,” says Sims. “It serves as an insightful tool for anyone interested in fostering inclusivity, providing actionable steps, and leveraging authority for broader communication. I also work toward dispelling problematic stereotypes, such as categorizing all white individuals or Republicans as evil or racist.”

Continuing, “This book will appeal to readers because racism is the most pressing issue of our time, and we must face it to fix it. Together, we can overcome this obstruction by building anti-racist communities all across the South and beyond.” Having earned the coveted five-star-rating on Amazon, reviews are correspondingly glowing. “I expected this book to be more rigid, considering the topic. I have read other books in this genre where the author wrote a great set of arguments but didn’t write a good story. This book connects by telling good stories that the reader can appreciate. I enjoyed the analogies and references to mainstream culture. He made good arguments too, as I have noted in recent years that the South is making its mark on the country in spite of the past and even present struggles with race, which the author points out.” – Amazon Reviewer

“This book shares wisdom from someone with lived experience in the South who knows we can do better. He personally walks the walk and shares with us how we can work and walk alongside him, together, to get there. Read this book!” – Amazon Reviewer

‘The Southern Awakening’ is available now:

To learn more about Barnard the Barber, his works, and his visionary contributions, visit Barnard’s website or watch this YouTube video.

About the author:

Barnard Sims, known by his pen name Barnard the Barber, is the Award-Winning Author of “The Southern Awakening; A Black Man’s Guide to Liberating the Rural South.”

An active voice in the civil rights movement, Barnard has previously served as the VP and research writer for the NAACP’s legal redress team. His commitment to justice and equity has been recognized with numerous accolades, including the 2022 Best Book Award Winner in Nonfiction Cross Genre & Finalist in Nonfiction Multicultural, and the 2023 National Black Book Festival Award Winner in Nonfiction, to name just a few. Barnard’s talents stretch across various fields, including acting, having shared the screen with the late John Lewis in “Voices of the Civil Rights Movement,” and appearing in the Whoopi Goldberg-produced movie “Till.” But it’s not all spotlights and stages for Barnard. He’s a United States Chess Federation Certified District Coach and the founder of Reach One Chess, Inc., a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) that uses chess as a tool to empower underserved youth with activities to build knowledge of self-value and esteem. Barnard’s philanthropy doesn’t stop there. He also sponsors programs that inspire children to become authors themselves, nurturing the next generation of storytellers.



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