Namashade Unveils Revolutionary Crystal Water Bottles and Tea Infusers: Recharge with Positive Vibrations and Vital Hydration

June 09 12:22 2023

Namashade, a leader in wellness products, is thrilled to introduce its newest innovations: Crystal Water Bottles and Tea Infusers! For a limited time, take advantage of a special 20% discount using coupon code “MANIFEST”.

Elevate your hydration experience and tap into the power of healing crystals with Namashade. Namashade’s Crystal Water Bottles: Unlock Your Inner Vitality The Crystal Water Bottles from Namashade provide a harmonious balance of mind, body, and spirit. Plus, with a convenient 14-ounce double-walled design great for hot and cold beverages, you can stay hydrated throughout the day.

These distinctive bottles have a dual-section feature which lets you insert a crystal of your choice – like Rose Quartz – and keep it separated from your beverage. Enhance your water with the uplifting energy of healing gemstones and enjoy a unique flavor experience with the included infuser. Perfect for crafting your favorite tea or infusing your water with tasty fruits, Namashade’s Crystal Water Bottles are the perfect companion for everyday use or moon water rituals.

Unlock the Power of Rose Quartz: The Healing Crystal of Love and Compassion The Crystal Water Bottle from Namashade features the calming energy of Rose Quartz. This popular healing gemstone has a subtle pink hue and is renowned for its powerful properties of love, understanding, and emotional healing. Rose Quartz opens and nurtures the heart chakra, helping build self-love, strong relationships, and compassion. By infusing your water with this beloved crystal, experience emotional balance, inner peace, and a reduction of stress. Rekindle love for yourself and others and find comfort in the healing energy of Rose Quartz.

Namashade also offers the remarkable Glass Water Bottle and Tea Infuser. Crafted from exquisite glass, this stylish water bottle is priced at $111.00 and its tea infuser allows you to enjoy delicious loose-leaf teas, infusions, or fruit-infused creations. This exquisite piece serves as a reminder to love yourself and others and recharge with the positive vibrations of Rose Quartz.

Experience the Power of Namashade’s Wellness Products Namashade’s Crystal Water Bottles and Tea Infusers exemplify the brand’s passion for promoting wellness and self-care. These products provide practical solutions for hydration while infusing your beverages with the transformative energies of crystals.

Incorporating Namashade’s offerings into your routine helps to manifest positive intentions and eliminate unhealthy boundaries. To explore all of Namashade’s innovative wellness products, visit and don’t forget the exclusive 20% discount with the coupon code “MANIFEST.” Elevate your hydration experience and unlock the powerful energy of healing crystals with Namashade. You get 30% off and free shipping when you buy both bottles at once as a bundle.

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