The CEO of Angel Connection Nursing Services, Merj Chu Highlights How Business Plays An Essential Role In Her Local Community

June 09 08:06 2023

Long Beach, California – June 9, 2023 – Angel Connection Nursing Services is a home care company based out of Long Beach, California. As a successful entrepreneur, CEO and founder, Merj Chu recently sat down with an exclusive online interview platform to discuss the role she plays in her local community. When asked to provide some advice for individuals looking to enter a career in healthcare, she mentions the importance of developing hard and soft skills. 

“Important soft skills include compassion, communication, and building interpersonal relationships, while important hard skills include things like accounting and becoming proficient with industry-standard software. It’s crucial to invest in yourself in these ways.”

As a homecare company, Merj and her team provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to, in-home companionship, respite care, transitional care, hospice services, and after-surgery care for individuals of all ages. Operating with a high degree of professionalism, she finds value in providing the best possible care to all her clients. 

Throughout the conversation, Merj also touches on how she measures success. “I’ve always thought self-examination was a valuable instrument in examining success, as well—once you achieve a goal, you go back and get to know yourself a little. Ask yourself how you achieved something, or alternately, why you didn’t achieve it. What were your obstacles and challenges? I think that greater success is achieved as you get to know yourself better.”

Merj also states that as an active member of her local community she always puts her best foot forward. By utilizing a hands-on approach to business, she values the feedback of her employees, claiming that the well being of her staff is also a primary concern. 

Throughout her impressive career, Merj highlights that the number one lesson she has learned is to be patient. She encourages readers to take the time to control their responses, and they’ll inevitably reach their goals.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Angel Connection Nursing Services can do so here. Those who would like to learn more about Merj Chu are encouraged to read the full interview

About Angel Connection Nursing Services

Angel Connection Nursing Services is a non-medical home care company offering an extensive range of specialized services including dementia and Alzheimer’s care, in-home companionship, transitional care, and elderly assistance. By providing top-quality care with dignity and professionalism, their dedicated team plays an essential role in their local community.

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