No.1 Chinese rapper GAI sings for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

June 09 05:36 2023

Leading Chinese rapper and Hip Hop Artist GAI (Zhouyan), representing Dream Music Group (D.M.G), lent his vocals to the Chinese theme song MV titled “Fighting As One.” The captivating visuals of “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” paired with GAI’s emotionally charged and powerful performance convey the indomitable spirit of promises, beliefs, and the exhilarating call for glory through the battles fought. This collaboration has ignited significant buzz and generated massive interest.

In 2022, GAI achieved numerous prestigious music awards, including the “Best Male Raper” at the Chinese Music Center’s Chinese Music Chart, “Annual Rap Artist” on Weibo, “Best Rap Artist” at the Oriental Billboard Awards, “Annual Rap Artist” at the Weibo Music Awards (for three consecutive years), “Annual Artist” at the QQ Music Fusion Hip-Hop Awards (for 3 consecutive years), “Most Popular Male Artist” on QQ Music, and “Best Chinese Rap MV” for “Story of WeiYuan” among other highly recognized music accolades.

GAI rose to prominence as the national champion of the 2017 “Rap of China” and was crowned the MVP of the “Rap Battle of China” in the same year. He has created numerous hit songs that have become representative works in the Chinese rap scene, including “Huaxia,” “Lie Huo Zhan Ma,” “Tian Gan Wu Zao,” “Hushan Xing,” “Lan Hua Cao,” “Chaotianmen,” “Dukang,” and “Shanlan,” among others.

As a prominent figure in Chinese rap, GAI’s musical talent goes beyond just rap. With his profound skills in vocal and songwriting, he embraces various innovative music styles, making him a versatile musician with distinctive characteristics and remarkable abilities in the Chinese rap scene. He is highly sought after for performances at various award ceremonies, music festivals, and events, and is also the preferred collaborator for renowned domestic and international brands, film and television soundtracks, and theme songs for anime and video games.

In addition to “Fighting As One”, GAI has composed and performed theme songs for more than 10 films and TV productions in recent years, including “13 Years of Dust,” “Crime Crackdown,” “Ne Zha,” “A Writer’s Odyssey,” Criminal Minds,” “Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns,” “Never Say Die,” “On Your Mark,” “The Big Shot,” “Ping Pong” and “Lie Huo Zhan Ma,” among others. These theme songs have received widespread acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Among them, GAI’s theme song “Ne Zha” for the Chinese animated masterpiece “Ne Zha” has consistently topped the charts on platforms such as QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Kugou Music, and the Asian Top Songs Chart. The song has accumulated over 2 billion streams, and the related discussions surrounding it have exceeded 10 billion exposures. GAI also performed the theme song “Ci” for the film “The Writer’s Odyssey,” starring Lei Jiayin, Yang Mi, and Dong Zijian, earning a nomination for the Best Film Music Award at the 34th Golden Rooster Awards.

Whether it’s artistic creativity, vocal and rapping skills, or market influence, GAI is undoubtedly a leader in the industry. This collaboration with “Transformers: Rise of the Beasts” further demonstrates GAI’s tremendous influence in the international market. 2018 – 2019, GAI embarked on his world tour, “GAI Like

This “DA GAI RU CI”, in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, and other cities.

Every show was sold out, and the atmosphere was electric, often reaching climactic moments with the entire audience singing along. In the beginning of 2023, GAI and VaVa had a successful debut tour in Thailand with “Let’s Go Thailand.” Announced on April 12, 2023, D.M.G artists Bridge and L4WUDU would kick off their North American tour on June 30, starting in Vancouver, Canada. Following the successful Thailand tour, the PUK World Tour is the latest project by D.M.G in 2023, focusing on global cultural exchange.

Dream Music Group (D.M.G), the leading hip-hop talent agency in China, is at the forefront of Chinese youth culture and trends. Founded in 2018 by its CEO, Han Xiao, D.M.G represents a stellar lineup of Chinese rap artists, including GAI, VaVa, Ai Re (AIR), Bridge, Zao An, Will.T, and L4WUDU, among others, who are considered the top figures in the Chinese rap scene.

D.M.G also actively seeks out and nurtures promising emerging rap artists with unique styles, providing them with a professional system and access to top industry resources to enhance their artistic creation and commercial value.

While solidifying its presence in artist management, marketing, music copyrights, music production, and live performances, D.M.G is also dedicated to expanding its scope and accelerating the development of the entire industry chain. The company aims to offer young people an attitude-driven and stylish lifestyle, catering to their preferences and aspirations.

As the top rap artist in China, GAI shares a common vision and commitment with his affiliated company, D.M.G, to continually push the boundaries of rap culture through innovative development.

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