Inventor And Former Hollywood Wellness, Fitness Trainer Takes On His Two Biggest Challenges Yet – Sitting And Musculo Skeletal Disease

June 07 03:00 2023

126.6 million people in the US and 1.7 billion throughout the world suffer from some form of Musculo-skeletal disease. (World Health Organization)

The average person sits for 10 hours per day in front of a computer or TV, which can create severe ongoing musculo-skeletal issues that result in numerous long-term health problems.

Fit 360 Brands were developed by Hollywood fitness trainer, Michael Whitis, based upon an intense study that mimics the way the body moves in every day rotational movement patterns. This new evolutionary fitness device system was created and fashioned mechanically after the body itself. For the most part, current equipmenon the market is linear based, which counters true rotational human movement pattern. Whitis no longer uses the word “exercise: and has replaced it with the word  “movement”. 

The beauty of this new beneficial fitness regime is to use it only for a few minutes at a time, throughout the day. This method is based upon scientific studies from the Mayo Clinic, called non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), which states that a person should move throughout the day, for a minute and a half, for every hour and a half of being seated.  This movement practice not only provides great benefit to people who are predominantly sedentary and have limited mobility, but also for people who are overweight and are trying to lose weight. Additionally our products will increase blood flow, oxygen while providing additional brain activation, along with increasing range of motion and diminishing pain.

Thanks to an independent study, completed by Dr Shane Steyck, Head of Kinesiology at Cal State University in Northridge CA, this technology has proven to safely increase blood flow as well as oxygen and brain activation. Together with the Mayo clinic’s recommendation, Fit360 Brands has created the perfect tools for people who sit for long periods. Because of this unique technology we are able to connect the body and brain.  

Several publications have referred to sitting as “the  new cancer”. Fit360 Brand Products can be used by many age groups from young adult to seniors, and includes people who are predominantly sedentary throughout the day. It is well suited for wheelchair users, and those with lower back pain, or other muscle or joint pain, specifically people with musculoskeletal problems, caused by using traditional gym equipment or are experiencing repetitive stress from overuse syndrome.  These products can be used while standing, seated or lying down.  

In the 1970’s Michael pioneered the fitness world with the use of elastic bands for resistance and created the first portable Home Gym, named the Space Gym on which he trained many celebrities, including Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Don Johnson and Beach Boy Brian Wilson, just to name a few. He also worked extensively with many clients at Northridge hospital, who were suffering from anorexia nervosa. His elastic band technology has been seen in every fitness location throughout the world for over 35 years and has provided the foundation for all elastic band devices.

Years ago, Whitis witnessed a hip replacement operation, where the Surgeon showed Michael the actual Ball and Socket hardware, that was to be placed inside the patient. Witnessing that 17-hour hip replacement surgery, inspired Michael with the idea of creating 3-dimensional apparatus, containing a ball and socket, that mimics the hip and the shoulder which allowed natural rotational movement patterns, with built in adjustable friction resistance  realizing that no one had ever created apparatus that truly mimics every day, natural, rotational human   movement patterns.  His thought was “why not design and build a fitness device, with adjustable friction resistance, that is fashioned mechanically after the body itself”.

He spent years researching functional movement, to validate his rotational movement theory. Although there was not much information available, continued research and consulting with doctors and physical therapists backed his theories.

Dr. David Lipman, Chief Medical Fitness Officer, in Boca Raton, Florida has verified the equipment’s effectiveness. “We have multiple people, who have shown great results using our rotational technology (with constant, consistent friction resistance), showing increased range of motion, improved bone density as well as decrease or elimination of pain, such as hip, lower back, wrist, elbow pain, and frozen shoulder,” says Dr. Lipman.

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