Tourism Influences the Health and Well-being of Local Communities

June 07 00:06 2023
Dr. Maksim Godovykh researches the impacts of tourism on local communities. His new book, “Tourism Impacts”, presents knowledge, methods, and recommendations for exploring and improving the effects of tourism development.

Dr. Godovykh holds advanced degrees in tourism and hospitality research, international economics, destination development, and strategic management from prestigious academic institutions. With over 20 years of managerial experience in business, governmental agencies, and international organizations, his unique multidisciplinary expertise helps him to develop a novel research agenda focused on exploring the well-being of residents of tourist destinations.

“I believe that health and well-being hold greater importance in human life than monetary outcomes,” says Maksim. “Therefore, our research projects aim to contribute to residents’ well-being, especially in light of the global rise of unhappiness”.

Dr. Godovykh has conducted numerous international research projects examining the economic, social, environmental, and psychological impacts of tourism. Together with his colleagues, he discovered that tourism can directly and indirectly influence the physical health of local residents. The researchers also utilized longitudinal panel data on happiness in various countries and found significant effects of international tourism arrivals on the life satisfaction of local people. Furthermore, the research findings demonstrate that these impacts of tourism vary in the short term and long term. While tourism growth has a diminishing effect on residents’ health and well-being in the short term, it has positive effects on health in the long run. These results have important theoretical implications for future tourism studies and should encourage decision-makers to prioritize the consideration of health and well-being outcomes of tourism. 

“Unfortunately, the negative social, cultural, environmental, and psychological outcomes for local communities often outweigh the positive economic impacts of tourism,” states Dr. Godovykh. “It is crucial to redirect the focus of destination development from visitor numbers and revenue towards enhancing the quality of life, health, and well-being of local residents.”

Dr. Godovykh’s research results have been published in leading academic journals, such as Tourism Management, Current Issues in Tourism, International Journal of Hospitality Management, Tourism Economics, Tourism Review, Tourism Management Perspectives, Destination Marketing and Management, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management, among others, and have been cited by over five hundred research groups worldwide. His insights have also been disseminated through books, encyclopedias, and international conference presentations. His new book “Tourism Impacts: A Guide to Understanding, Evaluating, and Managing the Positive and Negative Impacts of Tourism Development” introduces the foundations of tourism, examines its economic, political, social, environmental, and psychological effects, represents methodologies for evaluating tourism impacts, and discusses different opportunities to influence the impacts of tourism.

However, Dr. Godovykh firmly believes that in addition to research and knowledge dissemination, it is more important to implement these findings into practice, as the well-being of millions of residents in tourism destinations worldwide can benefit from more sustainable tourism development.

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