ONERugged: Rugged Computers Break the Deadlock of Industrial Digital Transformation Under Harsh Environments

June 06 10:54 2023

In the times of Industry 4.0, carbon reduction, and an increasingly complex global environment, it has never been more significant or more urgent to realize industrial digital transformation. However, different countries, industries, and enterprises face different challenges of digital transformation due to their different status quo, and thus have different understandings and adopt different solutions. Therefore, it will be hard to realize the true digital transformation for global enterprises.

In the process of digital transformation, it is indispensable for enterprises to introduce new technologies and new equipment, such as the Internet, the IoT, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. The introduction of these technologies is based on the needs of various aspects of the production and operating process of enterprises and society. Moreover, they are constantly integrating with traditional industries, to realize the value of promoting cost reduction and increasing the benefits for traditional industries.

Regarding the specific practice of digital transformation in industry, there are industrial equipment digitization, industrial software modernization, industrial data value, industrial networking, and more. Everyone seems to only care about the cost and efficiency, but ignores the safety and environmental problems during industrial production. The environmental conditions involved in industrial enterprises are harsh, such as high temperature, and blown sand hazards, which is demanding for digital terminals, especially industrial equipment. Reliability is the primary consideration in the use process, which needs to be tempered by the extreme environments, putting forward higher requirements for the safety of products, and the service guarantee ability of enterprises.

Furthermore, not only industry, the digital transformation of warehousing, energy, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries are facing the same challenges and dilemmas.

Recently, a new brand named ONERugged was launched at Computex Taipei, which is specific to the needs of digital transformation, providing rugged computers for various harsh environments and scenarios, to help enterprises to improve digital productivity, and enable the industry to realize intelligent manufacturing.

To be specific, ONERugged offers a series of rugged computers and industrial application solutions, including five series products of rugged handhelds, rugged mobile PCs, rugged notebooks, vehicle PCs, and panel PCs, and four industry applications of warehousing and logistics, energy, intelligent manufacturing, and transportation, which is of great significance to global enterprises. In addition to data integration, collection, control, and calculation functions like ordinary customer computers, the ONERugged rugged products also show extraordinary performances in dust-proof, waterproof, and anti-fall for security protection of the whole operating process, which is committed to comprehensively promoting the digital transformation and upgrading for thousands of enterprises of diverse industries.

ONERugged is a new and trustworthy brand owned by Emdoor Information (a quoted company that early entered the field of rugged computers in China). With years of experience in computing terminals, the Internet of Things, and reinforcement technologies, ONERugged has launched a series of new rugged computers with higher performance, better quality and service. It is believed that through continuous efforts in digitization, overcoming difficulties, and continuously enhancing capabilities, ONERugged will certainly promote digitization transformation, and is expected to become a leading player in the global general rugged terminal industry.

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