Creative Biolabs: An Expert Active in Advanced Cancer Drug Development

June 06 02:30 2023
Creative Biolabs, a leading CRO in cancer drug development, announces the launch of its highly advanced ADC laboratory and PROTAC platform for anti-cancer drugs.

New York, USA – June 5, 2023 – Recent studies have shown the promise of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and proteolysis-targeting chimeras (PROTACs) in revolutionizing cancer treatment by delivering potent drugs directly to cancer cells or degrading disease-causing proteins.

Focusing on these two solutions with huge potential, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive services that empower researchers in their mission to combat cancer.

ADCs have emerged as a potent therapeutic drug class, combining the specificity of monoclonal antibodies with the cytotoxic potency of small-molecule drugs. Creative Biolabs’ ADC laboratory provides a comprehensive and streamlined one-stop solution for ADC development.

“At Creative Biolabs, we understand the critical need for effective and targeted cancer therapies,” said the Creative Biolabs scientist, “Our ADC lab enables the efficient production of high-quality ADCs that can selectively target cancer cells and minimize off-target effects.”

The first step of the one-stop ADC development is to assist clients with antibody screening, which includes antigen selection consultation, antigen-specific antibody screening, internalized antibody selection, and proof-of-concept feasibility using “anti-Ab ADCs”.

Antibody production, payload-linker selection and synthesis, conjugation strategies, and in vitro and in vivo evaluation following ADC assembly are also among our ADC development services.

A diverse range of other conjugate-related services is available at Creative Biolabs, including:

* Bispecific ADCs Development

* Antibody-antibiotic Conjugate

* Antibody Biopolymer Conjugates

* Antibody-based Probes

Another promising solution for cancer drug development, PROTACs work by inducing the degradation of disease-causing proteins, offering a novel approach to targeting previously undruggable targets.

The PROTAC platform of Creative Biolabs is characterized by its molecule discovery service package, which includes the following support services:

* Ligand Design for Target Protein

* Ligand Screening for E3 Ligase

* Linker Design and Optimization

* PROTAC Structural Modification

* Custom Peptide and Compound Synthesis

Target identification, PROTAC design and synthesis, cell-based assays, and in vivo investigations are additional services offered by the PROTAC platform in addition to the molecular package to hasten the discovery and development of PROTAC molecules.

“By leveraging the PROTAC platform, we can potentially target a wide range of disease-causing proteins and address the challenges associated with traditional small molecule inhibitors,” the scientist continued.

In addition, mRNA synthesis services, which can be used to advance mRNA therapeutics and broaden access to cancer therapies, are also available from Creative Biolabs.

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About Creative Biolabs

For scientists and laboratories seeking to advance their cancer research, Creative Biolabs’ ADC laboratory and PROTAC platform offer unparalleled expertise, resources, and support. By partnering with Creative Biolabs, researchers can accelerate their drug discovery process, overcome challenges, and ultimately make significant strides in the fight against cancer.

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