Direct Carpet Offers the Best Modern Stair Runners at an Affordable Price

June 05 22:42 2023
A trusted carpet provider makes buying and installing stair runners easier with its seamless process and how-to guides.

Each piece in a house speaks something about those who live in it. One of the accents that visitors notice is a staircase runner which should be able to create an inviting first impression. Its subtlety makes it an underrated decor that allows residents to show their collective vibe and enjoy textures and colors that speak to them.

Knowing the significance of runners, Direct Carpet offers quality materials that can be easily installed with a simplified Carpet Runner DIY System mastered by its founder Keith Shannon. It offers stair, carpet, and hallway runners that reduce noise underfoot while making houses extra aesthetically pleasing.

There is a lot to consider when choosing a carpet as they should be suitable for the staircase layout and even hallways. Direct Carpet has a variety of selections as buyers look into the right color, patterns, and durability of their runners. Every design affects those who will be walking through them such as plain-colored ones depicting a modern and serene environment. Some are stain proof which is perfect for families that have pets. “We make carpet cool–real carpet for real people,” Direct Carpet Founder and CEO Keith Shannon said.

Many people are understandably concerned about installing the carpet runners themselves. Fortunately, Direct Carpet has how-to videos prepared to showcase the right tools needed for installation and a step-by-step guide.

Since the runners are not as wide as the steps, measuring and fitting could be tricky. Therefore, Direct Carpet indeed covers all its bases by providing an equation on how to get the right measurement of the carpets available on the company’s FAQs page and YouTube channel.

Other than the durable and stylish stair runners it offers, Direct Carpet gives free shipping to all runners that are over $250. For those who want to be totally sure about the feel and touch of the quality that it supplies, the company can also share runner samples in small swatches as they ensure a satisfying customer experience. What’s more, they include a free premium underpad with every order ready to be shipped the next day upon placing an order.

“We do not only offer products but an experience our customers can enjoy in hopes that they appreciate the runners the way we do,” Keith quipped. Several positive feedback was given to Direct Carpet for its promise of quality products and service. To see them and know more about Direct Carpet, visit their website now at

About Direct Carpet Inc.

Direct Carpet offers quality stair runners under $1000 alongside useful and easy-to-digest installation guides. It is established by Keith Shannon who is an animal lover and professional carpet installer for over three decades.

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