Empoword Publishing Worldwide demonstrates how its simple, proven formula revolutionizes book publishing

May 31 03:30 2023
Empoword Publishing Worldwide aims to help thought leaders reach wider audiences and increase revenue through book publishing.

In a survey by The New York Times, 81% of Americans said they have always wanted to write a book. However, when it comes down to it, only 1% ever take the action to write and publish a book. While technology has introduced many simplified resources and tools to help with most things, people still struggle to put their thoughts into words on paper. According to Dominique Edmond, founder, and CEO of Empoword Publishing Worldwide, most people don’t know where to begin their writing journey or what to do after, which sets off a chain of lifelong procrastination.

Empoword Publishing Worldwide is a leading book publishing company committed to helping leaders outline workable steps in their writing and publishing journey. With a published book, speakers, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, influencers, and experts can show up in the marketplace as the authorities in their respective niches and impact wider audiences. EPW has a proven track record of empowering professionals to establish credibility with their audiences and share their wisdom through a published book, ultimately resulting in increased revenue in their businesses. Empoword Publishing Worldwide has helped many thought leaders become published authors through its simple, proven formula for book publishing.

What started as a small way of bridging the gap for aspiring authors has now grown into a widely recognized and trusted book publisher with an impressive list of talented, best-selling authors. Empoword Publishing Worldwide takes a non-traditional approach to book publishing to continuously evolve and keep up with current trends in publishing. The book publisher offers its large number of published books in digital and print and plans to introduce audio soon.

A simple proven formula

Every published author knows that publishing a book takes a lot of commitment to see it through every stage. Without the proper support, publishing a book becomes a recurrent itch that people just can’t scratch. EPW believes that book publishing should be easy, which is why the publishing house set out to create an easy process.

Empoword Publishing Worldwide’s formula takes authors step by step through the process of writing and publishing their books. The first step is building a solid foundation that informs the framework. With that done, the book publisher helps establish a solid schedule to help the author focus on writing. Editing, pre-launch strategies, formatting, cover design, and printing soon follow, and once the book is published, post-launch strategies are set in motion.

The publisher shares that with the right tools and resources, anyone can unleash the author within them and confidently publish with purpose. Dominique Edmond had the following to say: “With our size and experience, we have the tools necessary for writers to thrive in today’s competitive publishing world. We pride ourselves on the number of first-time authors we publish and are especially thrilled that so many of our discoveries have become household names.”

Besides the writing and publishing journey, Empoword Publishing Worldwide also focuses on establishing strong relationships with authors and literary agents. Visit Empoword Publishing Worldwide to learn more about publishing made possible through a simple but unique approach.

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