YUAXTV: Building a Global Film and Television Platform through Compliant Operations

May 16 03:42 2023

YUAXTV FILM MEDIA CO., LTD, the most powerful and promising film marketing company in the European region, recently issued a press release announcing its acquisition of the FinCEN MSB license in the United States, establishing a solid foundation for global expansion. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and majority-owned by Twentieth Century Studios, the American film company, YUAXTV is committed to providing comprehensive film and television release and distribution services, as well as marketing channels, using efficient production and distribution methods.

US MSB Website: www.fincen.gov

In recent years, the film and television industry has been experiencing rapid growth and a noticeable trend towards globalization. Coupled with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of film companies and production studios are seeking to release their works to a global audience through digital channels. This is especially true for niche and lesser-known genres, which rely on digital platforms to gain wider recognition. However, operating and managing digital platforms come with inherent risks, including issues related to copyright, security, and compliance. These challenges have posed significant concerns for film companies and production studios. Ensuring platform safety and compliance, guaranteeing the legality of film and television works, and safeguarding user rights have become crucial issues that the film and television industry must address.

As an industry leader, YUAXTV has always prioritized compliant operations and consistently pursued a globally secure and compliant approach, shaping the future of the industry. YUAXTV strictly adheres to anti-money laundering regulations and regulatory requirements in the countries and regions it operates in. In October 2022, the company successfully obtained the FinCEN MSB license in the United States, further solidifying its foundation for compliant operations.

Furthermore, YUAXTV has established a rigorous risk control system worldwide, actively participating in the development of industry regulations and standards. The company continues to collaborate with governments and regulatory decision-makers, contributing to the fight against illicit activities within the industry. The platform’s compliant operations and security measures provide comprehensive protection for its users and clients, playing a crucial role in its sustained growth and expansion.

In response to the challenges facing the current film and television industry, YUAXTV offers innovative solutions. The company has developed an app called YUAXTV, which aims to create a win-win situation for platforms, users, and clients. On one hand, it provides global film production companies with marketing support and an online box office distribution channel, breaking through the limitations of traditional theater channels and ensuring sustained box office performance for producers, investors, distributors, and theaters. On the other hand, the core advantage lies in its transformative operational model that enables users to generate income. By introducing Web3.0 thinking and disrupting traditional marketing models, users can earn rewards by watching film and television trailers. This incentivizes active user participation in marketing, promotes film and television works, and facilitates viral growth of the app’s user base.

In the future, YUAXTV will continue to uphold the principles of compliant operations and global security. Through technological innovation and expanded collaborations, the company aims to build a more comprehensive film and television ecosystem, facilitating the healthy development of the industry. YUAXTV will continue to work closely with governments and regulatory decision-makers, actively participating in the establishment and promotion of industry regulations and standards, fostering a favorable environment for industry growth. Additionally, YUAXTV will further explore the value of digital platforms by partnering with major film production companies to promote high-quality films and meet the global audience’s demands, achieving the goal of mutual benefit for all parties involved.

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