LG Beauty celebrates Mother’s Day with its world-renowned Korean skincare brands

May 12 20:24 2023
LG Beauty launches amazing Mother’s Day offers on Amazon for its famed K-beauty brands like Sooryehan and Isa Knox.

A leading beauty company under the LG Household & Healthcare corporation, LG Beauty offers special promotional sales with up to 40% discounts on Amazon for multiple products and beauty brands to celebrate Mother’s Day.

LG Beauty: A Top-Tier Enterprise

LG Household & Health Care, Ltd. (LG H&H) is a distinguished South Korean company in the cosmetics and home essentials industry. LG Beauty lives up to its reputation, dedicating itself to providing premium, innovative products catering to diverse beauty needs and preferences through various k-beauty Brands. Their products are carefully produced through a rigorous process, backed by science, technology, expertise and years of experience.

As Mother’s Day approaches, people worldwide scramble to find appropriate gifts. LG Beauty Brands help encapsulate their affection and respect with the limited-time Mother’s Day sale on Amazon US that will last up till the 14th of May. Brands like Sooryehan and Isa Knox offer special sales starting from 20% to 40% on their products.

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Sooryehan is a premium skincare brand that combines traditional Korean royal beauty recipes with modern techniques to provide the perfect blend of wisdom and science. The brand uses natural herbs and patented ingredients to create lightweight and ultra-moisturizing formulas.

One of the best gift options is Sooryehan’s Bon Extra Moisture Skincare gift set – a true luxury skincare collection with fermented Ginseng Extract as the key ingredient. The set includes 5 products in different sizes which are designed to keep the skin glowing and protect it from aging and damage. Another great option and one of the bestsellers of the brand is Hyobidam Fermented Skincare gift set. The set offers 6 luxurious products representing the best of Hyobidam line and providing effective anti-aging routine for the skin.

The Black Skincare Special gift set includes The Black Serum and Moisturizer with the main ingredients comprising a proprietary blend of Black Yeast, Black Exosome, and Black Licorice Complex. Their innovative all-in-one formula is perfect for all skin types and offers ten ultra-hydration layers, strengthening the skin barrier and smoothing wrinkles.

The last but not least is one of the recent launches on Amazon – Sooryehan Ultimate Pomegranate Skincare set. The key ingredients are young pomegranate and fermented pomegranate extracts – both work as an antioxidant and contain polyphenol to help the skin’s inner layers regenerate while protecting the outer layer of the skin. Toner, Emulsion, Cream and Ampoule from this skincare set deeply moisturize while gently exfoliating the skin and protecting it against damage that can lead to premature skin-aging.

Isa Knox, another renowned LG Beauty brand, uses deep research and high-quality ingredients to offer remarkable age-defying technologies. Their special anti-wrinkle formulas use natural ingredients such as collagen, helping women regain their confidence by improving skin firmness and elasticity and enhancing their natural glow.

Isa Knox Age Focus Prime Double Effect Skincare Gift Set makes the perfect gift on Mother’s Day: its special combination involves Prime Pro-Retinol, a natural precursor of Retinol that helps increase skin exfoliation, leaving behind smoother, firmer skin. The gift set offers a holistic skincare experience, including all the essentials, from cleansing to moisturizing.


LG Beauty aspires to higher excellence by providing quality skincare built upon a foundation of knowledge and expertise. Their Korean skincare brands use premium quality ingredients and innovative formulas to give customers visible results that keep them returning for more. To take advantage of LG Beauty’s amazing Mother’s Day sale, customers can visit Amazon US Store of each Brand.

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