Injury Attorneys From Goings Law Firm, LLC, Obtain Millions in Settlement Amounts For Columbia Clients

May 10 18:16 2023
Columbia-based personal injury firm has a stellar reputation for how the legal team handles personal injury cases. As a result, the clients are assured of knowledgeable and experienced representation when their injuries are due to another individual’s negligence or wrongful actions.

Goings Law Firm, LLC, is pleased to announce that the injury attorneys have obtained millions in client compensation. While some injuries are due to the actions or negligence of another driver, other injuries are not due to the fault of another person but rather to road defects, weather conditions, and animals on the road. Therefore, the legal team’s strategies will depend on the facts of each case.

The Columbia personal injury lawyers know that the state doesn’t have the safest roads. South Carolina is consistently ranked in the top ten most dangerous States to drive. The number of roadway fatalities, particularly on rural roads, is high. Vehicles are necessary to commute to the workplace, visit family and friends, and shop for food and other consumer goods. More vehicles on the roads mean a higher incidence of vehicle accidents.

Accidents that are not the fault of another driver must be handled differently from those due to negligence or wrong actions by another driver. Car accidents can happen even when the driver follows all the rules. It is essential to follow the recommendations of the traffic safety authorities, but accidents and injuries can still occur. Inclement weather, foggy conditions, animals crossing the road, or road damage from falling rocks, mudslides, or poor visibility of signs and markings can all cause a road accident. The Columbia car accident attorneys are willing to review the facts of the accident to determine the best approach for gaining compensation to pay for injuries, medical care, and other financial issues due to the accident.

When other drivers cause the accident, it can be due to distraction while driving, riding a bicycle, or even walking. For example, cell phones can often cause an accident when a driver loses focus for a moment. Unfortunately, many people do not realize how easy it is to cause an accident while glancing down at a mobile device. A qualified car accident attorney can help build a solid case to hold negligent drivers accountable.

South Carolina has more traffic fatalities than many other states, but even one death on the highways is too many. Most traffic fatalities result from getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Another major cause of road accidents is driving faster than the conditions warrant. These preventable accidents are often eliminated or lowered in numbers by penalizing those drivers who are breaking the law.

About the Firm: 

Goings Law Firm, LLC offers experience and knowledge about handling personal injury (vehicle-related) cases to help make South Carolina roads safer. Those drivers whose carelessness or negligence causes harm to others should be required to bear the financial burden. The Goings Law Firm, LLC professionals work hard to help personal injury victims obtain compensation.

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