Xelargg and a Song for Those Who Have Left Everything Behind

May 10 17:43 2023

The Colombian singer-songwriter presents a single that reflects on the situation of people forced to leave their homeland.

About two and a half million people have recently migrated from Venezuela to Colombia. At the same time, Peru has received over a million migrants, and Ecuador has welcomed half a million Venezuelans.

Economic difficulties, political instability, violence, and lack of opportunities in much of the region cause many men and women to find themselves in need of leaving everything behind to seek a new life in other territories.

In fact, throughout history, more than five million people born in Colombia have left the country to settle in destinations such as Spain, the United States, and Venezuela, which in previous decades offered great opportunities for progress to our fellow compatriots.

Moreover, it is already apparent to anyone who is more or less up-to-date with world news that similar phenomena occur all over the planet, with thousands of Ukrainian families fleeing war and millions of Africans escaping poverty to Europe, to mention just two more examples, not forgetting those who lose their lives trying to cross the Rio Grande and the Darien Gap.

For all these reasons, Xelargg [Alexander Rosero] released ‘Foreigner’ a few weeks ago, a song that reflects on these dramas with phrases like “I am not from here, but here I was born” or “I can no longer walk on this land that once saw me run.”

‘Foreigner’ is an acoustic track that makes us think of all those who play the guitar and sing to try to survive by collecting a few coins in the streets, probably in a country that receives them with suspicion, wariness, and discrimination. Similarly, it reminds us (with due distance and proportion) of Manu Chao and the message he brought to the world with Clandestino, his first solo album after the dissolution of Mano Negra.

Xelargg, like many other people around the planet, also takes risks to explore new paths, seeking a place in the always-challenging music industry. Reflections like the ones he raises in ‘Foreigner’ can help him forge a promising way for the future.

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