Gyfted Matches Top Pre-Screened Talent to Remote Jobs

May 09 23:27 2023
San Francisco-based recruitment startup Gyfted is making waves in the startup world with its anonymous job search matching pre-screened candidates with remote jobs. The platform is powered by behavioral science, ensuring culture add and values fit candidates and teams.

Gyfted, a candidate-first job search and recruitment platform, is powering the future of work. The anonymous job search feature of the platform is making waves in the startup world, particularly for those founders who want to eliminate unconscious bias when searching for top talent. Its cutting-edge technology powered by behavioral science and ML, combined with its values-based recruitment process, has resulted in the successful matching of candidates to remote jobs for dozens of candidates already.

Gyfted is a candidate-first recruitment platform that focuses on finding the right talent to fit into a company’s culture and values rather than simply filling a position with someone with the right technical skills. The company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs from Stanford University who recognized the need for a more innovative approach to hiring.

The platform boasts an impressive, candidate-first pre-employment screening process, including free personality assessments, that ensure a value fit and culture add for each candidate. This matters to startups, where team culture and collaboration are crucial to success.

Gyfted has developed a unique ATS-like platform for startups and SMBs that integrates seamlessly and provides an automated workflow, making recruitment more streamlined. This has resulted in significant time savings and reduced costs in finding the right candidate for each role.

“Thanks for helping me find a job! I enjoyed the interactive assessment process and fast scheduling of interviews,” – Sabrina.

The platform helps candidates get matched to founders while eliminating unconscious bias and improving diversity. Gyfted ensures that only pre-screened candidates can apply for roles and that only the most qualified candidates are considered.

Remote work is increasingly popular among candidates, and Gyfted’s is ideally suited for remote-first organizations, allowing founders to find top talent regardless of location. This enables a more diverse workforce and less biased decision-making for customers.

“Our mission is to make the recruitment process easier for candidates and teams. We believe that it is ultimately managers and teams that match with candidates. Thus, by focusing on values fit and culture add, we help companies build more cohesive and high-performance teams for the long run. Our anonymous job search eliminates bias and attracts top talent to our customers,” – said Robert, Gyfted’s co-founder and CEO.

The platform has already been popular among startups, with many reporting significant time-saved hiring. The company is poised to continue its rapid growth in the coming years as more companies recognize the value of its candidate-first experience and truly behavior-data-driven approach to recruitment.

For more information about Gyfted and how it can help your startup find top talent, visit their business.

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