Introducing a Decentralized Moontex Layer 1 Blockchain to the World.

May 02 17:49 2023
Moontex is a leading blockchain network for communities that support transactions of blockchain digital assets.


With the latest development, introducing a decentralized Moontex layer 1 blockchain to the world. Moontex is a layer one, sharded, proof-of-authority blockchain built with usability. This site helps individuals to grow a web3 ecosystem project that benefits the entire world through easier development, more reliable services, faster transactions, and a supportive, decentralized family. Moontex will focus on performance, scalability, safety and reliability, and usability, both for developers and users. 

Why choose Moontex? 

1. Fast and Environmentally Friendly 

2. Simple to Use 

3. Great Developer Experience 

4. More Safe, Scalable, and Upgradeable Web3 Infrastructure 

Moontex blockchain natively integrates and internally uses Ethereum based for fast and secure transaction execution. The Move prover, a formal verifier for smart contracts written in Ethereum, provides additional safeguards for contract invariants and behavior. This focus on security allows developers to better protect their software from malicious entities. 

The Moontex data model enables flexible key management and hybrid custodial options. This, alongside transaction transparency prior to signing and practical light client protocols, provides a safer and more trustworthy user experience. 

In conclusion, our mission is to create a blockchain for communities with low transaction fee networks, Centralized Exchange, Metaverse, Gamefi, and NFT Marketplace. 

With more scalability, safety, and reliability to the new future of blockchain. This site is here to help the users to grow a web3 ecosystem project that benefits the entire world through easier development, more reliable services, faster transactions, and a supportive, Centralized family.

We have years of experience developing and deploying systems at scale, and our entire team has dedicated our careers to this calling. 

How we got here 

As a team, we are driven by the confidence that we are the right people to build the safest, most scalable, and most widely accessible network in this project. Moontex will only succeed if it is collectively used, owned, and maintained by everyone. 

Over the next few months, Moontex’s devnet started to launch, providing developers everywhere to explore and study. Shortly, there will be an incentive program testnet followed by mainnet, which we expect to launch later this year probably. We will also share some of the partnerships that we have already committed to building with Moontex long-term. 

Here are some cool things you can do now and some applications that will become possible over the next few weeks and months. 

  • Reward and referral programs: deploying mass airdrops that reach millions of people through low-cost transactions

  • On-chain DeFi and TradeFi primitives: enabling real-time, low latency on-chain trading 

  • Complex games and business logic: implementing on-chain logic transparently, extending the functionality of assets, and delivering value beyond pure scarcity

  • Asset tokenization services: making ownership of everything from property deeds to collectibles to medical and educational records perform seamlessly at scale.

Build together with us!! 

We invite everyone to provide input and join the Moontex community. We are looking for builders, validators, users, brands, creators, and believers. If that’s you, follow us on. 






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