BUYDEEM Releases Dora Retro Inspired Mini Toaster Oven That Makes Preheating Obsolete

May 01 19:06 2023
Available in Cozy Greenish and Mellow Yellow, The BUYDEEM Dora Countertop Toaster Oven is Packed with Many Industry Firsts That Make Cooking Healthy a Breeze

BUYDEEM, makers of beautiful, retro-inspired cookware and kitchen appliances, today announced the launch of the Dora toaster oven. Inspired by vintage appliance design, this versatile, compact toaster oven is available in cozy greenish and mellow yellow color options and comes equipped with a ton of unique innovation that make cooking healthy meals a breeze.

This compact toaster oven features a ton of unique industry firsts, including:

1. Highly efficient carbon fiber upper heating element technology

2. Stainless-steel lower heating elements that are hidden under the oven floor

3. Stainless-steel oven interior coated with Whitford inorganic water-based-ceramic-oil

4. Dual-pane oven door glass with SCHOTT low-e glass that locks heat inside the oven

“BUYDEEM’s award-winning team of engineers design appliances to be both beautiful and exceptional, the Dora Compact Toaster Oven takes this to a whole new level. On the outside, its ultra-stylish and compact retro-modern design add a touch of charm to kitchens. But inside, this ultra-efficient toaster oven gets up to temperature instantly and perfectly and evenly toasts, bakes, roasts and broils. Delivering unprecedented style, cooking performance, and versatility, we’re confident that the Dora toaster oven will be a popular choice among home chefs, and one of BUYDEEM’s hottest-selling kitchen appliances.” Zhen Fang, CEO of BUYDEEM.

Perfect for those who demand a vintage aesthetic in their kitchen, but the cooking efficiency and features of a modern oven, the Dora delivers on all fronts without compromises. The oven is equipped with a carbon fiber upper heating element, and three hidden stainless-steel lower heating elements which eliminate the need for pre-heating the oven, while also providing even heating for consistent cooking results. Unique to BUYDEEM, the Dora’s hidden lower heating elements not only make the mini oven easier to clean, it also makes it much safer than other countertop ovens by eliminating the chances of smoke or fire caused by grease dripping onto the heating elements. The oven also features a high-quality 304 stainless-steel oven rack and baking tray.

BUYDEEM’s engineers have gone to great lengths to ensure the Dora oven cooks perfectly every time. The seven cooking presets, which are Toast, Bagel, Bake, Pizza, Broil, Roast, and Reheat, deliver precise temperature controls for the type of food or cooking mode selected. The backlit LCD display makes it easy to set and check oven settings and temperature, and the oven’s easy-to-clean design, and rear-panel power safety switch makes it perfect for busy families who want an appliance that is functional, kid-safe, and easy to maintain. The three-stage door hinges allow the oven door to be opened and kept ajar at 15-, 60- and 85-degree angles for exhausting heat, checking food, and safely removing cooking trays from the oven respectively. 

The Dora compact toaster oven comes with a one-year warranty and is available for purchase at BUYDEEM’s website. The BUYDEEM Dora (MSRP: $269.99) is available for purchase at In celebration of Mother’s Day, the Dora will be on sale the entire month of May for just $219.99 – use promo code BDMOM50.

Click here for the BUYDEEM Dora press kit.


BUYDEEM is an award-winning designer and manufacturer of highly stylish, retro-inspired kitchen products and appliances, including iron cookware, food steamers, kettles, toasters, and more. The company is dedicated to helping consumers live a healthier lifestyle by providing high-quality, versatile products that simplify nutritious meal prep at home. BUYDEEM products have won the 2022 IF Design Awards, 2022 Red Dot Design Award, 2022 AWE Award, and 2022 Industrial Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America. 

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