The Journey of NYC Date Nights: How Two Guyanese Immigrants are Redefining New York City’s Culinary Scene

May 01 11:33 2023

New York City has long been known for its diverse and eclectic food scene, with everything from street food vendors to Michelin-starred restaurants. But it can be overwhelming to navigate, especially for those new to the city. Enter Kassandra Marques and Rishaad Ishmail, the founders of NYC Date Nights, the Instagram page that has taken the city’s culinary scene by storm.

Kassandra and Rishaad hail from Guyana and came to New York City with a simple dream of creating a fulfilling life for themselves. Despite encountering typical challenges that many immigrants face when starting anew in a foreign country, Kassandra and Rishaad’s passion for living a fulfilling life persevered, specifically in their love for food and exploration of the city’s culinary scene.

Despite busy work schedules, Kassandra and Rishaad always made time to indulge their love of food and drink. They started NYC Date Nights as a way to share their experiences with others and to discover new and exciting places to eat and drink in the city. And with a following of over 79,000 on Instagram, it’s clear that their passion has struck a chord with others.

What sets NYC Date Nights apart is their unique approach to showcasing the city’s culinary scene. Instead of simply writing restaurant reviews, they get invited to dine at some of the best restaurants and bars in NYC.

In return, Kassandra and Rishaad create stunning IG reels that captivate their followers, providing a carefully curated selection of the city’s top culinary destinations for eating and drinking.Their IG reels are exemplified by visually stunning content that captures the essence of each dining experience. Kassandra and Rishaad’s eye for detail and passion for food and drink have made NYC Date Nights a trusted source for foodies and travelers alike.

Kassandra and Rishaad both balance their passion for exploring the city’s culinary scene with their day jobs – Kassandra in the optical industry and Rishaad in real estate. They also have two cats, Cotton, a spoiled Persian chinchilla, and Cashmir, who was rescued from a parking lot in Queens.

But despite their busy schedules, they never lose sight of their mission to share the best of the city’s culinary scene with their followers.

For Kassandra and Rishaad, NYC Date Nights is more than just an Instagram page. It’s a testament to the power of following your passions and pursuing your dreams, no matter where life takes you.

And for those looking to explore the city’s culinary scene, it’s the ultimate guide to the best places to eat and drink in New York City.

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