Ruždija Adžović Sheds Light on Human Destinies in New Novel “Necklace from Sanliurfa”

April 26 17:03 2023
Ruždija Adžović Sheds Light on Human Destinies in New Novel "Necklace from Sanliurfa"

April 26th, 2023 – Author Ruždija Adžović has released his latest novel, “Necklace from Sanliurfa,” a gripping tale that delves into the complexities of love, justice, and revenge.

Set in the eighties and nineties, “Necklace from Sanliurfa” weaves together the tragic period of the Bosnian War with the story of Gjylija, a tragic Albanian beauty torn between her love for Sinan and the moral constraints that shape her ethically.

Adžović’s literary creation of Gjylija is a testament to his skill as a subtle observer of human destinies. The character’s artistic embodiment is among the most developed female characters in the literature spoken by Bosniaks, Serbs, Croats, and Montenegrins.

The novel also explores the question of justice versus revenge, as the reader is left to decide whether Milan’s death is a fateful expression of justice or the revenge of a brother whose sister he abused. Adžović skillfully uses the necklace, which Sinan purchased in Sanliurfa during an international folklore festival, as a means for the death of Milan and Gjylija, shrouded in mysticism.

The reader is left questioning whether the thorn that Sinan gave to his “blood-brother” Milan caused the tragedy as a cause or as a consequence. Adžović’s “The Necklace from Sanliurfa” is an excellent addition to the world of fiction, and his entrance into prose fiction through the main door is welcomed.

Readers who enjoy literary fiction will find “Necklace from Sanliurfa” a must-read. The original story was written in the Bosnian language, but Pashko Camaj has translated it into English to get the appreciation that this extraordinary novel deserves.

About the Author

Journalist, publicist, and writer Ruzhdija Adzhovic was born in 1962 in Podgorica (Montenegro). He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism in Sarajevo. Since 1986, he has been a professional journalist and editor in several media outlets in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For e number of years, a renowned journalist in Bosnia and Herzegovina, now making a name in literature. So far, he has published ten, with supplemented editions of 18 books. He is the recipient of numerous awards. Ruzhdija Adzhovic is both a musician and a music composer, and a painter. He lives and works in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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