Ipadian OÜ Launches iPadian AI, Bringing the Power of AI to iOS Simulation

April 25 17:54 2023
Software development company ipadian OÜ has released a new version of its popular iOS simulator, iPadian AI. The update allows users to access unlimited Chatgpt 4 and create logos, images, avatars, and videos using AI-powered apps. With over 15 million downloads since its first release in 2012, iPadian AI is an attractive option for simulating iOS on Windows devices.

ipadian OÜ launched a new version of their popular iOS simulator, iPadian AI. The latest update brings the power of artificial intelligence to the user’s fingertips. It allows them access to Chatgpt 4 and unlimited image generation, creating stunning logos, personalized avatars, and engaging videos from text, all within the iPadian interface.

iPadian has been the go-to software for experiencing the iOS environment on Windows. It imitates an Apple device’s appearance, design, or essential features. It allows users to run only apps designed for iPadian simulators, including Facebook, Spotify, Tiktok, Whatsapp, Crossy Road, Instagram, and more. The simulator is not an emulator and does not create a local version of iOS on the device, nor does it allow access to the iOS app store.

With iPadian AI, users can use AI-powered apps such as Text-to-Video Creator, AI Photo-to-Avatar Converter, Text to Website and Code, AI Image Generator, AI interior design, and AI Logo Creator. The Text-to-Video Creator uses ChatGPT and Midjourney Premium to generate high-quality videos from text, while the AI Photo-to-Avatar Converter creates personalized photo avatars. The Text to Website and Code app generates websites and code from text, and the AI Image Generator generates realistic and high-quality images.

iPadian is safe to use if downloaded from the official website. The company assures that the software is free of any spyware, adware, or viruses when downloaded from the website. Users are advised to avoid downloading cracked or free versions from unreliable sites, which can include dangerous elements.

According to industry insiders, iPadian has received positive user feedback and has been downloaded over 15 million times since its first release in 2012. The new version, iPadian AI, is available for a lifetime offer price listed in USD. Customers who are not completely satisfied with the software within the first 30 days of purchase can receive a full refund of their purchase price by contacting the company and providing their Recipe Number.

In conclusion, the new software is a groundbreaking update that brings the power of artificial intelligence to the user’s fingertips. It allows users to experience the iOS environment on their Windows devices. It provides a range of AI-powered apps to create stunning logos, captivating images, personalized avatars, and engaging videos from the text. With its safety assurance and a money-back guarantee, iPadian AI is an attractive option for those looking to simulate iOS on their Windows devices.

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