Stacey Conte Takes Corporate Professionals to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Development

February 27 19:36 2023

Stacey Conte is teaching corporate professionals to find financial freedom through real estate development with her company, Sugar & Spice Developments. The mission of her company is to create spaces, environments and communities that are inviting and vibrant.

Stacey’s achievement in creating an impressive rental portfolio has been a major factor in her success. Her portfolio encompasses both commercial and residential long-term rentals, short-term rentals, boutique motels, and a historic hotel. She also offers high-end onsite coaching for those who want to replicate her successes by investing in real estate themselves.

Her journey began when she started in real estate investing to leave her corporate job. After identifying deals that worked, Stacey quit her 9-5 job and invested all of her time into building Sugar & Spice Developments, as well as her rental portfolio filled with commercial buildings, vacation rentals, beachfront motels, and traditional single family homes.

Today she advises aspiring investors looking for passive income opportunities that the key is not just understanding capital gain but also cash flow — monthly cash flow from rent collected from the properties.

She adds that most investors forget this basic concept when buying rental properties because they are usually more focused on appreciation gains than income-producing assets.

Conte’s mission is simple: educate people so they can take control over their financial future without feeling overwhelmed or confused by complex financial terms and strategies used by seasoned investors.

Stacey has 5 developments available for professionals to invest in and she plans to grow the portfolio.

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