Battledome Launches For Alien Worlds™, The #1 Blockchain Game

November 14 15:06 2022

The recipients of the first-ever Galactic Hubs Pioneer Grant, Restack.AI have launched the NFT game Battledome for the Alien Worlds metaverse, the latest addition to the NFT game concept.

Restack.AI is pleased to announce the release of Battledome for the Alien Worlds metaverse, a free-to-play crypto game. Battledome was built by Restack.AI in cooperation with the Alien Worlds community, partially funded by the Galactic Hubs Pioneer Grant, and is expected to release in mid-November.

Alien Worlds instantly intrigued me,” explained Alexander Grover, the Co-Founder and CEO of Restack.AI. “Here is a play-to-earn NFT game that is easy to get behind. It’s straightforward – you can play it at the office, between meetings. Yet it’s also enticing. When we came upon the idea of a strategy game where we can battle with our NFTs, the concept of Battledome was born. We envisioned this strategic combat game in the Alien Worlds metaverse and through our cooperation with and continuous feedback from the Alien Worlds community, we have been able to bring this game to life.

Battledome is a space-themed strategic card battler game set in the Alien Worlds Metaverse, where up to 20 players fight battles using their Alien Worlds NFTs. Upon entering each battle, players choose a planetary alignment representing one of the six Planetary Syndicates. A recent addition to the metaverse, Alien Worlds Planetary Syndicates allows players to collaborate, organize and vote in elections. In Battledome, those in the last standing Syndicate battle one another until one player emerges victorious. Winners will receive prizes, including NFTs, Trillium (TLM) and in-game bonuses. And with a tournament inbound, syndicates will have the chance to gain reputation by winning the competition.

Earlier this year, Alien Worlds announced the Galactic Hubs Grant Program to help develop projects and initiatives which positively impact the Alien Worlds Metaverse. In August 2022, Restack.AI won the first-ever Pioneer Grant from Galactic Hubs in the amount of 500,000 TLM, the largest grant thus far, to help develop the Battledome.

Galactic Hubs’ mission is to grow the Alien Worlds metaverse through the best examples of community-created applications, tools, games, art, events & social initiatives,” stated Edward Evans, Head of Partnerships & Galactic Hubs Grant Program. “That’s why the Galactic Hubs Grant Program was created to support teams developing decentralized technologies for the future of the Alien Worlds metaverse and web3. As the first recipient of the GHubs Pioneer Grant, we’re thrilled the talented team at Restack.AI are launching the NFT card battler game Battledome into the Alien Worlds metaverse. Bring on the battles!

Through their continued cooperation with and Galactic Hubs, Restack.AI looks forward to the beginnings of Battledome and their future contributions to the Alien Worlds metaverse. Register here to stay up to date on the Battledome release.

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