Big Luca International Is Teaching Entrepreneurs How To Maximize Profits In No Time

October 03 14:20 2022
Luca de Stefani of the Big Luca group, introduced online marketing courses to allow freelancers and entrepreneurs to maximize income in minimum time.

Big Luca International is a world-leading company in the online education & consulting space.Its ultimate goal is to help students and clients push the envelope of what they thought was possible and create a business that can support the life of their dreams. The company offers all-encompassing solutions and elite-level information to accelerate growth and make dreams come true,

The courses at Big Luca Group teach freelancers and entrepreneurs how to scale their business, monetize more products/services and maximize net profit. The primary goal of their teachings is to allow students to increase personal wealth dramatically. These courses will help you understand things like teaching and online marketing strategies, techniques and tactics, money management, unique finance mindset, mental reprogramming, and much more. 

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After generating millions in the American market by the age of 25, Luca de Stefani  also known as Big Luca decided to enter the European market and established himself as the number one authority in online marketing. Over the course of several years, thanks to the impact of Big Luca, many entrepreneurs starting with nothing have now created multi-million dollar businesses following Luca’s courses and private teachings. In 2018 Luca was picked by Dan Kennedy to participate in the exclusive legendary titanium mastermind where only the top 16 marketers worldwide are allowed. 

From the very beginning, Luca has managed to eradicate paradigms that plagued all entrepreneurs and freelancers of an entire industry. Luca broke all records in the Italian market. In the first week of launch, Luca’s book “Online Marketing For Donkeys 1.0” sold 80 copies at $1000 each. The book was a smashing success and was highly praised not only by students but by other gurus as well.

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Everyone at the Big Luca Group is constantly learning & growing in each field to ensure the best guidance for their students. The team at Big Luca International follows an ethical code of honesty, responsibility, and transparency, that has become a vital part of standing out in a crowded industry. These ethics also guarantee students and company members a healthy and performing environment.

Big Luca International Consulting FZE is structured in an incredibly efficient way. Its head office is in Dubai, but the collaborators are located in different countries to make the company organization lean, practical, and functional. Big Luca International Consulting actively partners with GKIC Insider’s Circle to produce and distribute courses exclusively for the Italian Market.

Big Luca is also an accomplished author. He wrote his extraordinary life story in a book titled “Big Luca Shameless: How I collapsed at age 12 on psychiatric drugs and became a millionaire at 25”. Another one of his hit books is called “Being Poor is a mental disease.” To top it all off, Luca is the inventor and creator of Katanga, the world’s first training platform engineered on the method of immersion. 

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About Big Luca International

The company was founded in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates under the name Big Luca International Consulting by Luca de Stefani who is also known a Big Luca . Its core business has always been based on video courses on the subjects of marketing and private consultancy to help entrepreneurs and freelancers. Since then, the company has expanded and started producing its products and services in the Italian and English markets. Nowadays, the products and services of Big Luca International Consulting can be found in various different languages.

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