A Must Read Educational Book

August 11 18:27 2022
A Must Read Educational Book

Education Humanely Applied presents the research and change process that has improved learning and teaching in many schools. Using time more effectively is key to giving teachers the time to provide student-centered, project based, and traditional learning opportunities. Teachers can better meet students’ various learning styles by providing more than one way to learn. Schedules that offer longer and fewer classes each day benefit everyone.

A major change that Dr. Phillips wants to encourage is to stop the current and past use of negative consequences to control both students and teachers. Many students receive detentions, suspensions, and expulsions, which isolate them from school. Many teachers receive evaluations that negatively target any problems they may be having with little regard for their strengths. These negative approaches have led to very high drop-out rates for both groups. We cannot teach students who are not in attendance or who drop out completely. We cannot continue losing teachers to unprofessional evaluation systems.

Our educational system can be more humane to all who participate in the process. Positive, respectful interactions will keep students in school, learning and growing into positive adults. Teachers will want to continue teaching. Parents and guardians will feel respected and supported as they work with educators for their children’s success. Administrators can lead with compassion, protecting respectfully all who participate in their schools. School boards can take pride in their districts.

Many school districts are already on board with more humane systems of education, and they are generally open to helping other schools that want to make improvements. Teachers helping teachers, administrators guiding the process, and the whole community involved in the decision making process for change has already led to success in many schools. Dr. Phillips provides one more voice toward making this happen. Her professional experiences and research are in this book, open to all to use and share. An increase in educated students will create a serious drop in future unemployment, homelessness, crime, prison populations. Everyone benefits. Let’s educate humanely, respectfully.

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