BLAZIN MICS FM – The Only Station in Maryland Dedicated to Playing Old-School Hip-Hop

August 11 18:15 2022

People now have additional means to access an expanding amount of information thanks to technological advancements. However, radio continues to be extremely important in today’s society. There is more to radio than announcers, news, and music. Radio is about having a relationship with the listener on an emotional level. BLAZIN MICS FM which is located in the United States can be identified as a radio station that entertains listeners like no other.

BLAZIN MICS FM was formed in 2006 by a national recording artists Vietnam. Vietnam is known for his hit single Rock for my city which passed over 1 million streams on Spotify and was featured on ESPN TV, Riot Games, and Tony Hawks’ YouTube channel Ride. Because of the love, Vietnam has for hip-hop he decided to create a station to help independent artists from his city of Baltimore get radio airplay. Vietnam also hosts a show on his station called in Da zone with Vietnam that displays the hottest hip-hop and Boom bap of today’s artists like Gorilla Nems, Ricky Batz, Jay Royale, and many more. BLAZIN MICS FM has received recognition from big names in the music industry like Master P. Styles P. Sheek Louch and more. They have even received recognition from Bam Margera from the MTV show Jackass and other celebrities like brother man from the legendary hit TV show ” Martin”.

BLAZIN MICS FM is an independent licensed hip-hop station located in Baltimore, Maryland.  BLAZIN MICS FM is the only station in Maryland dedicated to playing old-school hip-hop, new hip-hop, and music from independent artists.  They have been successfully surviving in the industry around since 2006. Radio is shown to be useful in emergencies such as when phone lines are down or the mobile network is unavailable due to an overload.  

BLAZIN MICS FM does normal radio broadcasting and apart from that they do podcasts and Promotions. People who are interested to listen to podcasts can visit the website of BLAZIN MICS FM to find their previous podcasts.  Artists that want to have their music played on a station with a license to broadcast internationally.

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