Goodwin Law Group, PLLC Warns That Higher BAC Levels Could Mean Harsher DUI Penalties

August 11 18:00 2022
Leading criminal defense lawyers, Goodwin Law Group has warned people that higher BAC limits could mean that the state imposes harsher penalties on drunk drivers. Regardless, it is imperative that those charged contact a lawyer right away.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Las Vegas – Goodwin Law Group, PLLC is one of the leading criminal defense lawyers. The company warns people that higher BAC levels mean harsher penalties for drunk drivers. In other words, drunk drivers found with levels above the established limit will face harsher penalties. The higher the level above the limit, the harsher the penalties. 

Many US states have started to improve additional penalties on those found with dangerously high BAC levels. It has been found that people with high BAC levels are often involved in more fatal traffic accidents. The majority of states set the limit at 0.15%, and any higher means harsher penalties. 

The reason for the harsher penalties is the significant impairment associated with the high levels. For instance, those with a 0.15% BAC will have trouble walking and lose control of balance and coordination. Plus, decision-making is unreliable. 

People with BAC of between 0.16 and 0.20% will be sloppy, uncontrolled, and may feel dizzy. Some may even throw up. 

The person will fall asleep repeatedly when BAC is between 0.21 and 0.30%. Plus, the person will not feel pain and may experience blackouts. Throwing up is common when blood alcohol is this high. Any higher than 0.40% and the person is nearing lethal concentrations, losing consciousness, and even facing the prospect of death. 

The leading criminal defense lawyers suggest that people try to avoid driving after even a few drinks. That said, anyone charged with a DUI should immediately contact an attorney. The sooner a person accused of DUI contacts a lawyer, the sooner the matter can be sorted out. 

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“Our goal is to help our clients avoid harsh penalties for DUI. However, the best way to avoid all the hassle is to watch your blood alcohol levels before getting behind the wheel. If you have been charged, then reach out to us right away. We can prepare a case after the initial consultation.” Said one of the attorneys at Goodwin Law Group. 

He added, “In addition to DUI, we take on clients charged with other crimes such as sex crimes, theft, and weapon-related crimes, amongst others. We provide a service that’s always available regardless of when a person may have been charged.”

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