Homeschool Empowerment for Moms by Inga Masek, Empowered Learning Solutions Yields Quality Education for Confident Children

August 11 17:42 2022
Inga Masek is an educator and education strategist. She has more than twenty years of experience in training teachers and parents. She is a homeschool consultant who works with parents to devise custom homeschooling plans for their kids.

According to announcements released by Inga Masek of Empowered Learning Solutions, parents who want to homeschool their children and do it in a structured manner, can benefit from getting in touch with this business. Masek’s programs address the questions, feelings, and concerns of parents who want a quality, and truly customized, education for their kids.

Parent Workshops by Masek are ideal for parents who want to learn practical strategies on subjects related to parenting and education. She offers on-demand resources, coaching, and live teaching to help parents acquire the skills and mindset to become confident about educating children at home.

As a homeschooling mom herself, Inga Masek knew homeschooling moms needed a safe space to express themselves, share ideas and concerns, and grow as the teaching parent.  She created The Empowered Homeschool Moms Group where moms can benefit from her vast experience in the education field to help fulfill their aspirations and needs of their child while growing alongside other moms on the homeschool journey.

Her one-on-one homeschooling consultation is meant for parents either getting started with homeschooling or seeking to adopt and implement a different approach. This service offers in-depth answers to questions and addresses a parent’s concerns about how to best support their child’s education. She works as a dependable mentor who is always available to guide parents through implementing a custom homeschool plan. 

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Inga Masek of Empowered Learning Solutions said, “My 25+ years in education have included roles as a special education teacher, K-12 administrator, curriculum specialist, managing director of curriculum and instruction, teacher trainer, and educational consultant. I’ve worked in public, private, charter, and nonprofit educational settings, and I currently homeschool my children. 

What does all that mean? 

It means I’ve always been passionate about understanding how students learn and empowering their teachers (in the classroom or at home) with ideas and strategies that work. I love witnessing the lightbulb moments when things click for parents; they feel empowered to move forward with confidence and joy, and because I know that successful homeschooling involves way more than just choosing the perfect curriculum and creating a strict schedule, I’m passionate about all aspects of the homeschool journey.

Within homeschooling communities of moms that feel called to teach their children at home, I noticed a lot of guilt about having hard days, fear that maybe they weren’t doing enough, and  worry about if their children were missing out. I knew those feelings all to well, because I was feeling them myself, but so much of what I found was a lot of information about the needs of the homeschool child, schedules, curriculum, activities, etc. 

I knew that what parents needed was not more information, but a framework to filter the information through and make strategic decisions. I created the Empowered Homeschool Mom program to help homeschool parents build the mindset, skills, and confidence to teach their children at home and create those lightbulb moments for their family.”

About the Company:

Through Empowered Learning Solutions, Inga Masek offers parental consulting, educational coaching,  special needs, discipline, and curriclum and insruction planning. Parents don’t have to homeschool in order to benefit from her services. She recommends a Discovery Call where she can learn more about a potential client’s needs.

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