Authenticalls is the fool-proof way to beat cyber criminals at their own games

August 11 00:24 2022
Boost login security and end online account takeovers that cause trillions of dollars in damage every year.

Authenticalls has emerged as an efficient and reliable way to securely access mobile apps and websites through its flash call two-factor authentication (2FA). As a result, companies can authenticate and verify users seamlessly and in seconds. 

Cybercrime statistics are staggering — so far, in 2022, cybercrime has caused $6 trillion in damage. In addition, it only takes about 12 hours for 88 percent of professional hackers to break through an organization’s cybersecurity measures. And while 74 percent of cyberattacks are aimed at financial institutions, sensitive data can be found anywhere, so all businesses should take steps to ensure their websites and apps are secure. 

Security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA) and one-time password (OTP) generation are meant to thwart cyber fraud and keep data safe. Still, a whopping 70 percent of small businesses are utterly unprepared for cyberattacks. With hackers finding new and clever ways to bypass 2FA every day, companies need to invest in technology that keeps personal information safe while giving employees the necessary access.

Prevent hackers from bypassing 2FA, MFA

Single passwords for websites and apps no longer offer secure protection. Instead, MFA and 2FA are meant to strengthen security by sending a code through a text message or email, utilizing an authenticator app, using facial or fingerprint recognition, or emailing an OTP. Receiving a code via text message is one of the most common forms of 2FA, but it’s also one of the least secure, and hackers have found creative ways to bypass the security measure.

For example, a hacker will call the victim’s cell phone company, claim to be the victim, and ask for the real victim’s phone number to be switched to their device. In addition, several tools can intercept communication between a service and a victim and track and record interactions — including login credentials. 

In addition, syncing services meant to offer convenience are proving to be a significant security risk. If a hacker gets into just one of the synced services, they can install a message mirroring app directly onto the victim’s smartphone. More alarmingly, hackers can take over phone numbers by paying a company to reroute text messages to their devices. 

Finally, hackers are now using International Premium Numbers to create hundreds of thousands of fake phone accounts. They then receive the 2FA text message for which they are getting paid.

The Authenticalls solution

The team at Authenticalls has pooled its 244 years of cumulative cybersecurity and tech experience to develop a flash call system that makes it more difficult for hackers to bypass 2FA. When a user tries to log into an account or service, they will receive a flash call or missed call. The login authentication code is the last four to six digits of the number displayed on the custom caller ID. 

This service is not only resilient to OTP fraud, but it’s also more cost-effective than text message 2FA methods. In some countries, it costs as much as $.25 per authentication to enable 2FA. Instead, Authenticalls customers can get 1,000 free authentications, and another 4,000 costs only $1.   

Flash calls are the future of 2FA. There were 60 million flash authentication calls in 2021, but experts predict the number to jump to 130 billion by 2026.


Authenticalls’ unique flash call 2FA system helps companies keep their sensitive data safe by stopping cyberattacks before they start.

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