Take a closer look at the efficient Custer network

July 05 05:12 2022

The cryptocurrency market downturn has been going on for a long time, and if there is a new bull cycle coming in the next few years, then I think it will happen when people are using real products on a large scale, not speculation. When these products emerge, speculation will follow, but it will look more like a traditional tech bull market than pure speculation.

And these products are not going to appear out of thin air, they need more sophisticated blockchain underlying facilities, and the Custer Network has emerged to address these pain points. The Custer Network targets the problems of true decentralization, high scalability and high cross-chain interoperability, and proposes a complete solution that is secure, efficient and viable.

Take a closer look at the efficient Custer network

The Custer network is a Layer1 public chain built by SDK tools in the Cosmos ecosystem, which uses the Tendermint consensus module and accesses the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. More importantly, the Custer network can communicate with other public chains that integrate IBC.

Custer network can lower the development threshold of smart contracts

The future of blockchain will be as popular as the Internet is today, so it is necessary to lower the development barrier for developers on the blockchain. The Custer Network can significantly lower the development barrier by supporting the smart contract board Cosmwasm and enabling the WASM virtual machine. Developers can develop smart contracts in a variety of more common and familiar languages to develop distributed applications directly on the Custer network and support porting to other public chains with IBC integration. The main functions of the smart contract board Cosmwasm are: providing templates for writing smart contracts, providing sample contracts, storing contracts, executing a given smart contract using the wasmer engine, and also including functions for contract billing, storing and caching WASM components, calling the interface for deploying, instantiating and executing contracts in cosmwasm-vm, using its optimizations and caching.

Regarding the token standard, the Custer network uses the CW20 standard, which is based on CosmWasm’s ERC-20 standard; CW20 inherits the main features of ERC-20 while making certain improvements, such as adding metadata for Tokens to store the Token’s LOGO. All distributed applications deployed on the Custer network will follow the CW20 standard for their token issuance.

Regarding communication, the Custer network uses the Inter-chain Communication Protocol (IBC), which allows developers to interact more easily between heterogeneous blockchains. the semantics and design principles of IBC were developed by the Inter-chain Standard ICS (Inter-chain Standard).

Analogous to the hierarchy of the Internet communication protocol TCP/IP, IBC can be decomposed into a transport layer and an application layer. The transport layer provides the necessary infrastructure to establish secure connections and authenticate packets between chains; the application layer defines exactly how these packets should be packaged by the sender and interpreted by the receiver.

Take a closer look at the efficient Custer network

The Custer team provides convenient and efficient development tools for developers of distributed applications. The prosperity of the Custer network ecology requires a lot of efforts, experiments and mainstream use by the participants in the network; due to the low development threshold and superior network performance of the Custer network, it is likely to become a blockchain infrastructure provider welcomed by the mainstream, and a large number of applications based on the Custer network will emerge in the future.

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