Simone Ferretti: Becoming a change-maker in the creative and digital industries

November 27 01:18 2021
Simone Ferretti, becomes a professional photographer, social media expert

As a youngster, he has shown his brilliance as a professional video/photographer, social media expert, and coach.

A few years ago, when experts hinted at the massive growth of the digital world, only a few individuals took it seriously. However, it has today become our reality, and more and more people, brands, and businesses have capitalized on the digital wave to survive and thrive in their respective industries. “This was the need of the hour,” says one such extremely passionate talent named Simone Ferretti, a young man who has excelled beyond boundaries with his creative thinking abilities and his technical knowledge in videography, photography, and social media.

Simone Ferretti is an Italian content creator and a creative soul when it comes to capturing the right moments and expressing emotions through the lenses as a video/photographer. His effortless transition into becoming a coach today proves the resilience and sheer talent of the 25-year-old. Simone Ferretti started focusing on his creativity at 19 years of age when others were still deciding about their careers. He began his journey as a model and came second in the nationally famous “Mister Italy” beauty competition. However, Simone knew he was meant for more in life, hence he kept pursuing his dreams. In 2017, he moved to Hong Kong to keep working as a model and as a personal trainer in a fitness centre.

While In Hong Kong, he fell in love with videography and photography and decided to share his talents on various social media, which have constantly grown since then. Gradually, he began to create video commercials to promote products and services of external businesses, which further increased his stocks in the industry. Today, this man is more than what meets the eye. He has also turned into a social media expert and content creator: he helps brands reaching exponential visibility, presence, and reach on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. So far, he has worked with top-notch brands like Xiaomi, Mercedes-Benz, and many others.

Given his deep passion for photography, Simone Ferretti also teaches online classes where he shares all the tips and tricks behind the photography and social media world. In 2019, he moved to London to study business and, since then, worked towards scaling his social media presence through his photography and social media tutorials on TikTok and Instagram.

The kind of recognition and name he has earned for himself can be proved by the massive fan following he enjoys across his social media handles. Do follow him on Instagram @sferro21 to know more.

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