Jannete Hassan Pimentel “Mahaupic” Beats Depression By Turning To Art And Maintaining A Positive Mindset

July 29 02:30 2021
Jannete Hassan Pimentel "Mahaupic" Beats Depression By Turning To Art And Maintaining A Positive Mindset

Jannete Hassan Pimentel turns life around by making art an ally and develops a positive mindset.

Jannete Hassan Pimentel, the visual artist known for her stunning works of art that stand apart for their brilliant colors and imaginative lines, shares her story about beating depression through art. She reveals how she brought positivity in her life and for many others too and helped them manage their depression better.

“Depression is increasingly common, however many find it difficult to admit that they are depressed,” says Jannete. “From my own experiences, I can say that depression does not allow us to adapt to anything. On the contrary, it prevents us from enjoying everything good that surrounds us, and it is that when we suffer, the functioning of our brain is altered.”

Jannete took the first step towards depression management by making art her ally. She had a passion for art and knew it could turn her life around and help her get out of depression.

With a brush and her canvas, she started finding ways of building harmony between her body and mind. Jannete started developing skills, imagining, memorizing, and arriving at divergent thoughts to live life with greater intensity, full of moments, experiences, and small details that make everything see with more color and greater intensity.

Jannete advises people to break the taboo associated with mental illness and seek professional assistance as they would do for any ailment. Depression, like any other illness, has its own symptoms and treatment processes. It can be cured by seeking timely and proper medical care.

From her experience and battles with depression, she discovered it is critical to ask for help and find a trustworthy person to communicate confidentially. Her greatest ally, her counselor, and her biggest passion, her art, helped her find a solid purpose. She remained steadfastly focused on all the positives that art brought to her life.

In addition to pursuing her passion for art, Jannete practiced five other techniques that played a key role in fighting the disease.

The first step she took was to return to physical activity. Exercise helps in the formation of neurons, improves the response to stress, which is a risk factor for depression, and enhances mood. All it takes is 15 minutes of exercise a day for gaining important health benefits.

The second step was to focus on a healthy diet. She suggests a diet rich in veggies with less sugar. Eating healthy foods makes the body feel good, and that feeling translates to a positive mind as well. Jannete also read books and listened to music to speed up the recovery process.

The third step she took was to analyze her negative thoughts to improve cognitive biases, which are crucial for overcoming depression. To do this, she wrote down those thoughts that haunted her frequently and sought answers.

Step number five involved writing a gratitude journal. Jannete spent five minutes every day writing about things she could be thankful for. They were about small and simple events such as the good health of her family, being able to talk to a loved one, and so on.

She also set small goals for herself, which helped her experience a sense of achievement when she accomplished them. She recommends that anyone suffering from depression must set concrete goals and work towards achieving them to enjoy the feel-good factor and defeat depression.

Today, as she analyzes her life process over the past few years, she knows that the steps she has taken have played a vital role in returning back to normal life. She says that people must identify what they are passionate about. When they think about it, it can trigger positive thoughts and bring a beautiful smile to their face.

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Jannete Hassan Pimentel is a self-made visual artist who has overcome depression by her sheer willpower and by identifying the physical and mental tasks that triggered positivity. She is a real source of inspiration for those battling depression and wants to give a positive turn to their lives.

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