Understand the Importance of Proper AED Maintenance with AEDLAND

December 08 20:27 2022
Know more about the Philips HeartStart AED and its accessories

Owning an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is not exactly needed at home, but it is smart to own one in case of emergencies. Having the right defibrillator and being knowledgeable about how to use it can help save lives. Today, there are many AED devices available in the market and AEDLAND is offering these devices at the lowest price possible.

For those who are interested in owning their own life-saving device, AEDLAND recommends getting the Philips HeartStart AED, a defibrillator designed for adults, children, and even infants. While the thought of owning an AED device may be intimidating, these life-saving equipment are actually easy to use. What is unique about the Philips HeartStart AED is its ability to guide a person in treating a victim who is suspected of having a sudden cardiac arrest.

AEDLAND offers this advanced technology home defibrillator at a competitive price and they also carry individual replacements for pads and batteries. Aside from understanding how the Philips HeartStart AED device works, it is also important to learn about proper AED maintenance. By conducting monthly inspections and thorough preventive maintenance, it will be guaranteed that the AED device will be ready to use at the time that it is needed.

What AEDLAND wants every AED machine owner to remember is that the accessories of these devices actually have expiration dates and must be replaced immediately. Accidentally using AED machines with expired accessories could actually lead to a fault or failure when using the device. Hence, the number one rule in AED maintenance is ensuring that the batteries and pads are within their normal life. The common shelf life of an AED battery is three to five years, while pads usually last for two to four years, depending on the brand. For instance, Philips HeartStart AED owners must replace the M5071A adult pads and the M5070A HeartStart Battery. These accessories are particularly designed for the brand and are guaranteed to work like brand new. Other brands offered by AEDLAND for battery and pad replacements are Powerheart 9146-302, HeartSine, LifePak.

“AEDS save lives in communities but must be properly maintained to be effective,” the team at AEDLAND added. AED devices could also need a routine light cleaning, but do as advised on the manufacturer’s instructions. In case a new unit is deemed needed after a monthly inspection, AEDLAND has a wide variety of leading AED products.

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