Next-Generation AI-Driven Matching Candidates for Recruiters by Recruiters: bowmo, Inc. (Stock Symbol: BOMO)

December 08 19:42 2022
$BOMO is at .0002 with a lot of upsides
  • HR technology company delivering services and developing software that transforms hiring into a productive, data-driven, unbiased process.
  • Vertically Integrated Business Model serving fast-growing HR tech, SaaS, RaaS, and e-learning market segments. 
  • Growing revenues with paying clients, building customer pipelines, accessing large channels for rapid growth, and product development with the latest tech. 
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) quickly matches candidates to jobs for employers.  
  • Software (SaaS) and Recruiting Services (RaaS) for employers drive rapid customer acquisition, competitive differentiation, and revenue growth.
  • AI- and video-powered portals for employers, third-party recruiters, and candidates that match candidates and jobs, provide e-learning apps.
  • Integrations to leading candidate data and résumé sources
  • On-demand video interview coaching for candidates and hiring teams.
  • Hiring process improvement, system consulting, and e-learning.

bowmo™, Inc. (OTC: BOMO) provides an intelligent software solution for the staffing and recruiting industry that seamlessly integrates into existing ATS–applicant tracking systems. The company helps to revive the recruiter’s human touch and evolve the candidate sourcing process. BOMO embraces the challenges of the recruiter by providing the means to quicker, more efficient, and conversant candidate sourcing. Time spent searching and time to hire drops dramatically, freeing the recruiter up to engage more clients and business partners in growing their businesses with the very best-matched candidates.

The loss of jobs will create a major “rebound” effect in the post-COVID-19 market economy infused with an almost $4T relief package and will require more automation in sourcing options to meet demand due to key factors including: 

Fewer recruiting firms. 

Employers still struggle to find and hire employees. 

Large quantity of people seeking work throughout economic cycles. 

Current Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) options only serve the largest companies. 

Upper-mid and mid-marketplace largely underserved with Recruiting as a Service. 

Demand increasing for value-driven, technology-enabled recruitment compared to high-priced, outsourced recruitment options. 

Employers struggle to “match” candidates to their hiring needs during high and low economic cycles.

The BOMO V-RPO is a combination of proprietary AI-based technology for a do-it-yourself sourcing experience, matching candidates to jobs with millions of potential candidates without having to use keyword searches or Boolean strings. The BOMO V-RPO automates the process with its AI-based matching engine and then provides industry-superior tools such as video interviewing and cultural and technical assessments so that customers can vet their candidates.

The BOMO vision is to complete its Vertically Integrated Business Model (VIBM) capable of providing services and added value to all segments of the HR-Tech market in the US and worldwide. 

The BOMO goal is to constantly improve the Company’s HR-Tech platform to address present and future market needs ahead of completion by offering a unique combination of proprietary AI-based technology with a do-it-yourself sourcing experience able to match candidates to jobs without having to use keyword searches or Boolean strings. 

The BOMO AI-driven platform will automate the end-to-end hiring processes with its AI-based matching engine while providing just-in-time content, resources, and tools, such as video interviewing and cultural and technical assessments so that hiring organizations can vet their candidates (bowmo: Software as a Service [SaaS]).

The BOMO VIBM will be complemented by our Recruiting as a Service (bowmo: RaaS), which allows clients to outsource the management of the recruiting process (RPO). The bowmo™ RaaS offering will complement the BOMO improved HR-Tech platform by offering BOMO clients with a choice of high-touch and high-tech services strategically geared to market needs and objectives. 

In addition, The BOMO VIBM offers unique added value via e-Learning programs by Interview Mastery® and Selecting Excellence™, designed by Michael R. Neece, one of the true pioneers in the HR e-Learning field. Both programs have been continually improving in order to solve the challenges of today’s job-market realities for more than 20 years.

BOMO clients receive assistance across all recruiting functions, such as job-description development, branded career page management, pre-employment and cultural assessments, and a video interview platform—all managed by a team of experienced recruiters.

With the BOMO HR-Tech platform as a foundation for the Company’s VIBM—performing matching and sourcing at the core — BOMO is reshaping how businesses find talent and provide a quality on-demand experience. 

RaaS Offering – Managed Recruiting as a Service

• Recruiting powered by the bowmo AI-driven platform

• Proprietary and distributed databases with access to millions of candidates

• Use of expanded candidate pools to include third-party job boards

• Source and match candidates to job requirements in real-time from the leading career sites and niche sites

• Ability to administer all types of testing to include cultural assessments, technical assessments, and personality in line with corporate objectives

• Dedicated recruiting team to augment current recruiting activities

• Dedicated recruiting account manager to ensure customer recruiting success SaaS Offering – Software-Only bowmo™ Advantage

AI-Powered, a cloud-based recruiting platform

• High scalability and availability

• API to customers’ ATS for real-time matching

• Real-time notifications and multichannel communications

• Integrations to leading candidate data and résumé sources

• Integration with your email and SMS messaging services

• AI/ML-powered candidate matching to jobs that learn over time

• On-demand and just-in-time video e-learning for candidates and hiring teams

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