Embrace the Architectural Language of the Industrial Look of the Bridge House, by Studio KHORA

December 08 19:39 2022

Instead of having a house that avoids looking at the bridge, which would avoid any openings to that direction, which would shy away from the intensity of the architectural sculpture of a bridge crossing the Intracoastal Waterway, the design intent is to embrace the architectural language of the industrial look of the bridge. The proposed industrial house style would therefore interact and integrate with the environment and be part of it.

The Bridge House designed by Studio KHORA, explores connections between minimalist design, high technology, and urban visual connection so visitors can experience it from the inside as well as outside as a series of spaces defined by lines of light, volumes of color, ambient and sound.

Viewed from the outside, the Bridge House is a continuous conversation with the industrial appearance of the bridge, and by contrast, the Bridge House evokes a calming repetition of patterns and transparent physical volumes to help the environment be less chaotic, while creating a light sculpture that unifies the architecture of the bridge with the proposed new residence.

The architectural language was later extended to the attached park, to solidify the concept of design unification. The design technology was focused on creating a house that could mitigate and control the levels of noised produced by heavy auto traffic. Building screens are used not only to block the sun from the south façade but also to partially deflect the noise of the street. It has layers of thick laminated glass, in addition to an acoustic grade PVB interlayer to block sound waves.

Since the roof of the house is easily seen by drivers crossing the bridge, solar panels on the roof serve as an attempt to educate the public towards sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

Integration of re-designing the adjacent park to solidify the concept of design unification.

Adding wood core to contrast with the industrial look of the exterior to highlight both styles. The precedent used for this language is the Mies Van Der Rohe Farnsworth House – the Glass House for minimalist industrial exterior look contrasting with wood core.


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