A Legendary Writer and Marketing Expert that has made Positive Contributions to the Knowledge about Autism

December 08 13:54 2022
Jacson Marçal Pereira de Jesus

One of the greatest discoveries in life is the discovery of a legend who impacts positively in the life of others, and such is Jacson Marçal. Jacson Marçal is a talented writer, autistic savant, and activist with diverse interests in Marketing, Technology, Mechanics and Medicine. He is an outstanding  individual who inspires others to see for themselves and has helped a lot of people with disabilities.

Born in Brazil in the year 1989, Jacson Marcal learned from an early age everything he could about technology, loved everything related to the subject and graduated early in Information Technology from Objective and later proceeded to graduate in Human Resources and Marketing from UNIP University in 2008. Since then, he has been building and  reinforcing his skills to be the best at what he does.

The talented writer wrote his first book in 2020, the first of a five series book. The book titled – “Autistic Mind – Mental Reset: From Childhood to Diagnosis.” explores a lot about Autism based on the writer’s life from childhood to adulthood, and opens up a gate for people to better understand the different aspects, stages and particularities of autism spectrum that has been undermined.

The approach to the book involves the writer’s difficulties, particularities and characteristics of autism that has always existed in his interior, the particularities that he witnessed from childhood to pre-adolescence, and from adolescence to adulthood. The book  also discussed the  diagnosis that was received by the writer with many particularities in a somatic sequence of several events, within a preparation for a whole new life, between the writer’s challenges and  personal issues. The book can act as a unique guide for parents, caregivers and autistics, as it is full of tips and insights into the unique world of autism by a true story full of discoveries.

The second book of the series titled- “Autistic Mind – Gathering Knowledge and Thoughts” was released in 2022, and it delves into the author’s experience in autism – the uniqueness, characteristics and pain experienced during and after the entire learning process.

According to him, “People are very evil and selfish, this increasingly stains this society that entwines itself in chaos, without seeking a true and conscious objective, this aspect does not cancel out that humanity needs to constantly evolve to accept the differences that make us human even in the face of all these discrepancies” The book shares the knowledge of approach obtained by the writer in recent years.

In 2019 Jacson Marçal specialized in Neuroscience in order to learn different approaches to Autism, Neuroplasticity and tools to help people with disabilities. He was also the first Autistic to speak alongside Temple Grandin at the first international congress on Autism. Also, he made the first article that shows the effect of the Central Nervous System in people with Autism and all associated conditions that can be presented in the course of their Life.

Jacson Marçal contribution to understanding the Autistic can be observed in the Adapted World where he shared all his experience and studies related to Autism. He has Participated in several events involving Autism spectrum and has  created a direct channel of communication between Autistics and the whole society.  He is also known for Volunteering with Microsoft and UNICEF Brazil, creating a direct channel of communication between entities and NGOs that seek to help children with some co-existing comorbidity or conditions .

In addition to his writing career, Jacson Marçal is a Web 3 enthusiast and a Marketing expert. He has worked in several Multinational corporation and companies, focusing on market research before finally founding his own marketing company. He has managed to improve the most varied products and brands, scaling their positioning and price with quality.

As someone who learned from an early age everything he could about technology, when it comes to WEB Marketing, Jacson Marçal is known as JacsonFear, a specialist in market intelligence, social networks and automated BOT shooting. He has an extensive experience in Blockchain, WEB 3.0 and NFT.

Extreme Marketing, a company founded by Jacson Marçal focuses on helping small and big business enterprises get the recognition needed for the success of their business and positioning them globally in the market. It is a Brazilian Agency with all structure and foundations based on the North American model.

The company offers market solutions such as Study, Structuring and Market Research; Aggressive and Strategic Marketing; Instagram Study; Google Knowledge Panel; Wikipedia, Wikibio, and IMDB; Blockchain 3.0, NFT Art, and 3D; Web Development and Social Media Verification, and all other businesses promotion strategies and modern technology. The company boasts of  expert teams that each have its specialisation and a role to play towards  ensuring that the client’s needs are met, and it offers them unique experience, with methodologies applied by the largest marketing agencies in the world, aimed at getting the best results for their company, products and services. According to the company, the pillar at the beginning of its projects is how to generate more financial return for its customers thus it draws up a detailed action plan to achieve the commercial goals set.

The company also engage in lots of philanthropies, and about 2% of all income raised in the company is used to help partner projects. According to the team “we believe the world can get better and change starts now.” Interested individuals who wish to partner with them will be partnering with an agency that truly promotes improvements in the process of integration and social development.

In conclusion, Jacson Marçal is an extraordinary individual who combines writing with technology. His achievements in writing and modern day technology cannot be underestimated, and his contribution to helping the Autistic is enormous. He is someone who strives to help others and he’s constantly researching and up-to-date with the global world, and this can be seen in his contributions towards people’s life particularly the autistic, and businesses.

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