BelRed: Gold Standard Heating & Cooling Solutions

November 11 03:51 2022
BelRed Energy Solution’s expertise in heating, cooling, plumbing & electrical services backs their extensive line of premium-quality products and offers a lifetime limited warranty on all installations. With 36 years of experience and service par excellence, they get it right every time.

Just as a perfectly running AC is crucial in keeping the sweltering heat at bay during the summer months, a well-functioning heating system is as critical come winter months. BelRed heat pump and BelRed AC repair services installations are synonymous with reliability and quality. BelRed Energy Solutions is a trusted name in the community. With its core expertise in plumbing works and electrical services, the company’s highly trained HVAC technicians deliver unparalleled service standards and get the job done. 

BelRed’s staff receives extensive in-house training, including hundreds of hours of classroom and technical field training every year, ensuring they have acquired the requisite knowledge and skills. The company’s HVAC technicians are fully capable of repairing every type of heating system, including natural gas, oil, propane, heat pumps, and forced air. 

The company also repairs all kinds of A/C systems, whether central air, heat pumps for home cooling or modular A/C units. BelRed’s highly trained technical personnel can install a variety of A/C units and heating systems, such as single-stage and multi-stage furnaces and modulating furnaces. 

No system is proof against poor installation or factors caused by structural construction flaws—for example, when ductworks are deemed unsuitable for proper installation due to potential leaks and poor airflow. In such cases, BelRed’s technical team can quickly find workarounds to such potential problems, ensuring the systems they install will operate efficiently. 

As technology continually evolves and changes rapidly, BelRed stays abreast with the latest innovations in heating and cooling. It presently carries a range of heat pumps that provide both cooling and heating functions. Such systems have an energy efficiency of 600% compared with the traditional furnace. 

Customers living in colder regions may opt for a furnace, and if so, installing one of BelRed’s modern, high-tech furnaces is still the best option for year-round heating. BelRed’s trusted technicians are always on hand to advise on the best solution for their premises. Customers can contact their support line to arrange for a no-obligation in-home consultation.

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BelRed provides many available options to solve any cooling or heating condition. In some instances, smart ductless solutions can help solve a homeowner’s comfort, efficiency, and health issues. Unlike other heat pumps, ductless mini-splits can be used in homes with no ductwork, or where major duct problems make traditional heat pumps impractical. 

Indoor fan units are installed in specific rooms or in place of your ducted air handler and work in conjunction with an outdoor unit to provide exceptionally comfortable, quiet, and efficient heating and cooling. Such installations require a high degree of training. It is not uncommon to see massive cost savings in the order of 25 to 50% compared to an electric baseboard or in-wall heaters, electric furnaces, pellet stoves, wood fireplace inserts, and propane or oil furnaces.

There is no better endorsement of BelRed Energy Solutions’ reliability than their conviction to service quality and the confidence they have in their products. Their warranty plans say it all. They offer a 1-year labor warranty—if a repaired part fails in the first year, they will replace it at no cost. And if the heat exchanger in any new furnace, or the compressor on new AC units and heat pumps fails within the first five years, they will repair/replace it at no charge. 

To top it all, BelRed also offers a “Lifetime Workmanship” warranty that guarantees the quality of their installation for life. Little surprise that their professional team of internationally certified technical staff have won a slew of awards from 2011 to the present. 

About the Company:

BelRed Energy Solutions, a top-tier HVAC company, based in Mukilteo, WA, has been servicing the Pacific Northwest since 1986. Supported by a full complement of professional and highly trained technicians, BelRed provides Gold Standard high-quality home services in heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical services. Customers save on the cost of ownership and enjoy the comfort of BelRed’s reliable cooling and heating solutions.

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