“Public School I Love You Not” Sheds Light on the Physical and Mental Abuse Boarding Schools Encourage

August 11 18:24 2022
"Public School I Love You Not" Sheds Light on the Physical and Mental Abuse Boarding Schools Encourage

August 10, 2022 – The heartbreaking story of an eight year old boy trying to survive the grim realities of boarding and public schools.

At the tender age of eight, Geoffrey Finch was sent by his family to a boarding school. Little did he know that it would have a lasting impact on his mental well-being.  

Geoffrey suffered the pain of abandonment from his family after being delivered into the claws of his prep school headmaster. Life there was extremely tough and one little mistake could lead to a harsh punishment.

He soon learnt by which methods he could best survive the rules and punishments of both preparatory and public school. He struggled to obtain a scholarship and was given severe physical and mental punishments for failing to achieve good grades.

“I was miserable. Misery would be an understatement. They would abuse us physically and mentally. If we didn’t do something right, we’d live in fear of being beaten. That made me more rebellious and I found ways to survive. They couldn’t break me; they couldn’t confine me,” commented Finch, talking about life at boarding school.

Geoffrey was also obliged to fend off the homosexual advances of other students and in the middle of his last term, he decided to carry out his plan to escape.

The heartbreaking story of Geoffrey Finch is a reminder of what being abandoned and neglected during one’s childhood can do to their mental health. His story portrays the consequences of long-term separation from parents, combined with starvation of affection.

The book is available on Amazon.

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