An exclusive interview with Aurore Ajami, owner of Sirenetta

August 05 16:54 2022
An exclusive interview with Aurore Ajami, owner of Sirenetta
An exclusive interview with Aurore Ajami, owner of Sirenetta
Into a new world, where no one can reach and disturb girls, in to a world of fantasy where no one can believe, in to world of dreams and magic, Aurore Ajami draws you to explore her ‘sea land’ by scents and quality of 100% natural and organic products. Every successful journey has a story, and Aurore Ajami, also known as Sirenaurore, has its own in which she talked about during her interview with Diana.

Aurore Ajami known as Sirenaurore and also a well-known beauty expert based in Lebanon. Dreaming of rediscovering the festive moments of summer at the seaside, she began to make her followers’ dream with her many mermaid swim crossings.  While her country Lebanon was going through difficult times, she was determined to find her place. She designed her first monoi-scented body products known for their many moisturizing and tanning properties, giving silky and radiant skin. To know more about Aurore, an interview was done with her.

Diana asked Aurore to talk a little bit about her journey, when and why did she chose mainly this domain. In her turn Aurore tried her best deliver her life career journey to her audience, and she said, “I am Aurore Ajami, I am half Lebanese half Belgian, I lived in Africa and I studied in Europe Belgian and France until I decided to come to lebanon at the very beginning of the revolution.

“Not only did the revolution hinder my journey but also the corona pandemic which swept the world after a very short period of the revolution in Lebanon. I was obliged to stay home for a long period of time until it was really boring that I decided to start my adventure in one of the most beautiful seas in the world, the Lebanese Sea. And knowing that I am a mermaid blogger, I decided to start my blog here in Lebanon, to show people the beauty of the Lebanese shores.

“I wanted to show the world that we, Lebanese people, are still creative, nothing can stop our creativity, dreams and passion, that we can build ourselves despite all the mess out there, that nothing can hinder our ambition. So I combined both beauty and mermaid blogs together, and created my own products that all are confined to “body”. Because your body is your image, I decided to create such high quality products to help you appear in your best image ever. To this moment, they are only 7 products but I’m working to reach 30 products so that satisfy all body needs.”

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