Master Coach and Marketer Chris Davis Welcomes New Coaching Aspirants at Pro Academy

January 10 22:51 2022
This personal development training academy offers several courses that address the need to upskill in a post-pandemic era.

As new ways of working are being implemented worldwide, individuals must take the initiative to upskill and develop their potential. This is easier said than done since it would require significant preparation, effort, and time. Therefore, having a guide to navigate through a challenging journey would certainly be helpful. This is where Pro Academy comes in.

Established in 2017, Pro Academy has been home to more than a hundred students who want to get better at their craft especially when it comes to marketing, coaching, sales, and hypnosis. Chris Davis leads the academy while serving as one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers in personal development. Some of the successful individuals he has coached include professional athletes and members of the special forces. His expertise lies in coaching skills, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, flow states, and peak performance.

Those who are interested in developing their skills can achieve their desired results since Pro Academy only offers high-quality online and in-person training and consulting services. After all, it has been “getting coaches from zero to world-class in 90 days,” said Chris. They can rest assured that the coaching program in the academy would help them build valuable relationships with their clients and colleagues through improved communication skills that foster trust.

A trainee, Jo du Preez, testified that Chris has been an accountable and prepared coach who has empowered her to utilize her daily marketing activities. Her time at the academy paved the way for holistic growth for herself and her business. The courses also include coaching skills that teach participants how to answer the right questions, maximize non-verbal communication, and remove their blocks from reaching their full potential.

In the meantime, interested students can sign up for the courses through Chris Davis’ Facebook page as the Pro Academy website gets finalized by the end of the first quarter this year. They will be welcomed with step-by-step instructions as Pro Academy ensure that they will receive all the necessary information for them to ultimately become excellent professionals. “My dream is to help as many coaches as possible build successful coaching practices and enjoy doing it,” Chris quipped.

Chris also leads a marketing agency called Flux Viral where he helps event creators rapidly sell out seats, increase brand presence, and scale up operations. Indeed, he has a wide industry experience that would be valuable to be shared with those who want to upskill in their respective fields through powerful coaching.

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Pro Academy is a personal development training ground with courses ranging from different styles of coaching including flow states, NLP, hypnosis to peak performance. It was established by Chris Davis in 2017 with the vision of building successful coaching practices among driven individuals who intend to be coaches someday.

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