Dog Owners Can Find Everything They Need to Know at New Website: My Itchy Dog

October 14 20:45 2021
Dog Owners Can Find Everything They Need to Know at New Website: My Itchy Dog

October 14, 2021 – From questions about health, to advice on how dogs can help with autistic children, this new website includes useful information and resources for all dog owners and those looking to learn more about canine companions.

Recently relaunched, started out as a popular dog products ecommerce site, selling a variety of dog healthcare items, but owner Kate Bendix sold it on to pursue other projects.

Now, the site’s new owner Amy Cook has transformed the website to turn it into a useful source of information for all dog owners. Information categories include health, dog training, diet, play, travel, and safety as well as other topics of interest.

With the slogan “For the friends who leave paw prints on our hearts” the website includes a wide number of articles and blog posts on topics from treating dog wounds, to healthy dog biscuit recipes.

My Itchy Dog

The site does still have a commercial aspect, with some connections to products which all dog owners will need including a variety of health products, dog bedding and dog play runs among them.

Alongside the new site are a new My Itchy Dog Facebook page and Twitter account to help spread the word about all of the new dog-related resources and information that is now available on the relaunched site.

A beloved pet getting ill is every owner’s worry but informative articles on how to tell if your pet is under the weather, what to look out for when it comes to signs of illness, and other informative articles will help to put your mind at ease. Advice and guidance on common treatments such as for fleas, also appear on the site.

When it comes to training a new dog, whether it’s toilet-training a puppy or teaching your dog not to bark at every other animal it comes across, it can be challenging to your patience but the useful guides at My Itchy Dog will help you through all the stages.

There are many myths around what dogs can and can’t eat and what types of food can make them ill, so to keep your canine companion safe, check out the latest articles in the diet section and the safety section, so you can keep your pet away from any harmful items in the garden or cupboards. is the go to advice and information resource website for all dog owners and dog trainers looking for the most up-to-date guides on all things canine.


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