How to Overcome Anguish: Bestselling Author Ali Scarlett Shares His Ways

September 30 20:12 2021

Nearly a fifth of U.S. adults are experiencing high levels of emotional distress according to research. Furthermore, the APA (American Psychological Association) reported that around 48% of Americans are more stressed than they were before the pandemic. 

The good news is that there are ways to develop a lasting, positive change. As bestselling author Ali Scarlett, who overcame trials of anguish himself, points out: “When I was at my lowest point in life, I tore through self-development literature searching for a ‘cure for my pain’. And, as I started to make strides in my own personal growth, I started to realize what works and what was a waste of time.” 

Staying Inspired and Driven

“My most painful experiences nearly broke me. So, I get fulfillment from doing my best to make sure no one ever has to experience the pain that I felt in my worst moments. That’s my purpose, the inspiration that motivates me, and my WHY,” the author shared with the media. 

Ali Scarlett continues, “When you find your WHY and keep it in mind along your own journey, you’ll also have no issue working on projects — no matter how big or small—that align with your mission in life.”

Adopting an Extreme Growth Mindset

“The only things standing between you and anything you want to accomplish are time and a skill set.” – Ali Scarlett.  

Ali mentions how he was able to overcome the limitations our environments and situations can sometimes place on us: “Choosing to believe that we are limited in our capabilities affects our ability to deal with the challenges we face in our daily life. But, choosing to believe that we can accomplish any goal we set for ourselves can enable us to act and behave in alignment with that belief, leading us to a path of progress and victory.” 

Ali’s Hard-Won Lessons

“I’ve always wanted to share my knowledge and my story with people who are where I was a few years ago—back when I was at my lowest point. I believe information is a form of power. And, I had always planned on writing a book as a way of empowering others to rise above their pain. The same pain that left me broken and on the verge of giving up,” Ali mentions. 

He continues, “What I did not plan on, was COVID rolling through 2020 and mixing my goals up like cake batter. I wasn’t going to write that book until I was about thirty. But, faced with waking up every day, turning on the news, seeing the death count go up, and knowing I could be next, I decided to write the book now so that if anything happened to me, I could leave that book behind as a part of my legacy.”

His book, The Clever Connector, focuses on offering young individuals techniques they can use when struggling to achieve their goals. Furthermore, the young author partnered with Children’s National Hospital, donating the book’s first six weeks of profits towards the care of hospitalized children. 

So, Who is Ali Scarlett?

A sociology and psychology enthusiast and entrepreneur, Ali Scarlett made headlines by becoming a bestselling author at 19. “It took over 6 months in production and a big, well-planned book launch,” Ali said. When asked why he turned down the application for the prestigious Education 2.0 award, the level-headed author said: “I’d rather focus on delivering more value right now (educating more people) than accepting awards for it. But, I might apply another year.”

Recently, Ali spoke at the 8th Annual GradCareerFestival, alongside other authors, coaches and college recruiters, so they could help provide college grads with the information they need to launch careers in a post-pandemic world. 

While lessons from Ali’s life are too many to list, one thing is certain: everyone who has had trouble in business and life can identify with Ali’s story.

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