IRIS CRM Adds Merlink Integration to Dispute Responder Functionality for TSYS FSP ISOs

September 30 10:54 2021

IRIS CRM is pleased to announce the latest enhancement to its Dispute Responder which now includes support for TSYS FSP ISOs to manage their merchant disputes through IRIS CRM. TSYS FSP ISOs using Merlink, TSYS’s internal dispute management system, will now be able to provide access for merchants and agents to receive notifications of new chargebacks and retrievals for merchants within 24 hours of a dispute being filed. Once notified, merchants, agents, or the ISO can easily reply with supporting documentation directly from IRIS CRM. Near-instant notifications, electronic replies, and automated reminders will help the merchants of TSYS FSP ISOs win more disputes and retain more of their hard-earned revenue. 

TSYS FSP ISOs can leverage IRIS CRM to attract more merchants by giving them the ability to digitally respond to disputes through their custom-branded merchant portal. Merchants will be able to see all of the key information they need regarding the disputed transaction including the Incoming Chargeback Documents, Transaction Date, Transaction Amount, Dispute Amount, Chargeback Reason, Cardholder Number, ARN Number, Family ID, and more. 

The dispute status will automatically be updated within IRIS CRM to help ISOs and merchants stay on top of the dispute process in order to increase the number of disputes they win. When a reply is required, the dispute responder will indicate a reply is necessary. From there, merchants simply need to submit a comment with supporting  documents attached. The reply with the supporting documentation will then be submitted to TSYS for processing. 

Automated notifications can be sent to associated merchant and ISO users when a new dispute occurs as well as when a dispute is updated such as when a case number is updated or the document status changes. Response reminder notifications are also sent 7 days, 3 days, and 1 day prior to a response being due to make sure the merchant submits a reply. 

IRIS CRM’s enhanced Dispute Responder builds on existing TSYS reporting and TurboApp boarding integrations for a fully integrated experience for TSYS FSP ISOs and their merchants. A fully integrated system puts all of the ISO’s and merchant’s data at their fingertips for more efficient workflows. More time saved and more revenue generated is a win-win for both ISOs and merchants. To learn more about the power of IRIS CRM’s TSYS FSP integrations, schedule a demo with our team! 


IRIS CRM is a leading merchant services CRM designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of independent sales organizations (ISOs), payment facilitators, and their merchants. IRIS CRM provides reporting on more than 300,000 active merchants each month and offers ISOs the ability to handle all of their merchant acquisition, onboarding, support, and residual income calculations through a single platform. By automatingand streamlining the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks performed by ISOs, IRIS CRM enables agents, support staff, and management to spend less time on manual processes and more time on generating new revenue.

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