Innovative Decentralized Social Media Platform BitcoinTalkToken ushers in new dawn in social media world

September 30 01:30 2021
BitcoinTalkToken is a new use-case token which is gearing to resolve the problems existing in the current social media world with its breakthrough decentralized social media platform.

September 29, 2021 – Although an indispensable aspect of modern life, the existing social media space has already been drawing flak for its restrictive policies, lack of data privacy, and other issues. The core problem lies in the “centralized” infrastructure of the social media platforms that enables these platforms to exercise supreme authority over user data and activities, until now. A new promising development is on the radar, a new visionary crypto-based social media startup, BitcoinTalkToken is all set to redefine the current centralized social media world with its revolutionary decentralized social media platform that assures to resolve all the major problems experienced with current social media portals.  

BitcoinTalkToken (BTT) is the native token on BitcoinTalkToken. The token is based on cutting-edge Binance Smart Chain which guarantees a bunch of amazing advantages for users, such as- high-speed transaction, cross-chain compatibility, low transaction fees, and easy listing on exchanges. 

“We are excited to bring to you our innovative BitcoinTalkToken which aims to introduce a unique ‘Smartway Decentralized’ form of communication that will represent the best of both the worlds- social media modernization and cryptocurrency innovation”, stated Joem, the founding developer of BitcoinTalkToken. 

Joem stressed that BitcoinTalkToken has been meticulously designed to resolve the major problems experienced with the current social media world. 

The contemporary social media world is marred with the following problems – 

  • No cryptocurrency monetization reward
  • Lack of contents on cryptocurrency topics
  • Lack of awareness about crypto world
  • Lack of data privacy

BitcoinTalkToken aims to solve these glitches with 5 unique platforms – 

  • IBTalk

A state-of-the-art social media influencer platform that enables all users (read influencers)  to promote BitcoinTalkToken token as well as other cryptocurrencies. The users will also be rewarded with Free BitcoinTalkToken Token for promotion of the token.  

  • BTalk  Channel

It’s a new video sharing and advertisement revenue platform (free to use) where users will be able to upload blogs on various niches, such as health, beauty, sports, food, and so on.  Essentially, the platform is designed for Crypto Monetization which will allow users to earn while sharing their favorite blogs.  

  • BTalk News

It’s a crypto news-based platform that aims to raise awareness about the latest happenings in the crypto space, covering the ongoing trends, updates, global regulation, and so on. It will serve as an Informative News Feed which will keep the community updated about the overall crypto space.  

“We are looking forward to helping in worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto acceptance in big companies. And, one of the major ways to do that is through raising awareness about the crypto space. Our BTalk News is driven by the same ethos and we are hopeful it will play a major role in the fast evolving crypto media world in near future. Also, we assure completely transparent and unbiased news reports on part of BTalk News.” 

  • BTalk Life

BTalk Life is a decentralized social media platform that aims to connect people all across the world. The platform will enable users to share their profiles, photos, videos as well as allow them to share their cryptocurrency experiences without limitations. The idea is to make the crypto community more educated about the crypto space with first-hand experiences. 

  • BTalk Apps

Backed by advanced security, it’s a decentralized mobile apps communication portal that ensures complete encryption of users’ login information for optimum security.  

“We believe that the future lies in a decentralized form of social media infrastructure and we are glad that BitcoinTalkToken is the pioneer of the much-awaited ethos of decentralized community communication.” 

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