COSMO Technologies Launches Groundbreaking Second Generation JrTrack 2 Kids Smart Watch

September 30 01:25 2021
As demand grows for safe cell phone alternatives, COSMO’s JrTrack 2 kids smart watch offers industry-leading features and affordability for families.

COSMO Technologies, Inc., a leading electronics design and manufacturing company for families, has released its new product, the 4G-enabled JrTrack 2 Kids Smart Watch. The new device, with industry leading features and affordability, pushes forward a growing movement for “family first” technology that provides safe connection solutions for kids and parents.

“We are thrilled to be launching an amazing new product to help families stay safe and connected without compromise,” said Russell York, COSMO’s Founder and CEO. “Parents and kids today need better solutions. We see this as more than a new product – it’s really the next step in the family-first tech revolution.”

The second generation JrTrack 2 is equipped with upgraded GPS tracking, 4G nationwide calling, voice and text messaging, stranger call blocking, pedometer, and more, all at a retail price of $59.99. With its array of fully-enhanced features and price point well below other 4G connected kids devices, the JrTrack 2 provides families a safe and affordable cell phone alternative for kids ages 5-12 years old. Consumers can learn more at:

The release follows the standout success of COSMO’s first-generation JrTrack, which quickly soared to the #1 best seller spot for kids smart watches on Amazon earlier this year. COSMO secured pre-seed funding in June and the company continues to grow and develop landmark family technology products.

COSMO’s growth comes amid rising concern about the dangerous impacts of screen time, social media, and online content on young children. A growing body of research signaling alarm has caused soaring interest from parents in smartphone alternatives for kids.

• 53% of kids in the US have a smartphone by the age of 11 (Common Sense Media)

• Kids between 5-8 years old average over three hours per day on a screen (Common Sense Media)

• 82% of parents say they are concerned about their kids’ screen time (Parents Together Action)

• Reports of child online exploitation have risen dramatically since the pandemic (WSJ)

• Recent studies suggest strong correlation between social media usage, screen time, and increased risk of depression in adolescents (ABC News)

“COSMO is all about family connection that doesn’t sacrifice safety,” says COSMO’s Co-Founder and COO Michelle Ross. “Parents are looking for alternatives in a world where big tech has put kids at risk to maximize clicks, screen time, and attention grabbing content.”

The JrTrack 2 comes with a fully upgraded app called COSMO: Mission Control. The app, available on iOS and Android, allows parents to track location in real time, set custom safe zones and alerts, approve trusted contacts, and more. The JrTrack 2 is also fully COPPA compliant, meeting the highest U.S. standards for child online safety and data protection.

COSMO’s founders call it a “cyber-safety belt” for families navigating an increasingly dangerous digital world.

“It’s the perfect tool for giving parents peace of mind,” says York. “Kids need the freedom to be kids again, and parents need the confidence to know they can always be there for them.”

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